We,Myanmars have lovely traditions and cultures .This month is special for donation robes to monks  on Waso Full Moon Day.

As I am a real Buddhism ,I usually donate waso robes to monks at a monastery  especially it is really in need in regarding of our Buddha ‘s first  and foremost Dhamma preaching day.I feel that it is really a good blessing for all Myanmars.

Before coming Waso Full Moon day,today ,10th July ,we went to Sagaing for our yearly donation to Hanthargiri Monastery at Sagaing.It is situated on the top of one of the  hill s in Sagaing.It is a large monastery in which 97 monks are studying Dhamma .

First ,the view of the Ayeyaraddy river and Sagaing Bridge can make us fresh.Let’s see here .

We firstly went to Ponnyashin Pagoda which is famous for not seeing the first donar for “Soon” (cooked rice) to this pagoda on every full moon day during Lent.

Here,we can see the breathtaking bird eye view of Sagaing Hills .No one can deny that the scenery of Sagaing Hills,Pagodas and two bridges can attract any visitors to Sagaing.


After that ,we went to the Hanthargiri monastery at about 10 am.There we donate waso robes and books for monks.









After coming back from monastery,we went to the Kaungmudaw Pagoda where the tooth relic of Buddha ,brought from Sri Lanka ,was enshrined in it.It is one of the architectural wonder in Myanmar.








By seeing these photos, Myanmars who are away from our motherland will miss our cultural special day of Waso Robe Donation ,beautiful  scenery and cultural heritage of Myanmar.

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