Dear villagers,


After reading the post  “ ၿမန္မာ polygamy ”

& its comments “အဲဒီ သတို႔သားေတာ့ ယေန႔မွစ၍ မိန္းမႏွစ္ေယာက္ၾကားမွာ

( မေက်နပ္မႈ အစုစုေတြကို ျဖန္ေျဖရင္း) ဒုကၡပင္လယ္ေ၀ေတာ့မွာပဲ”,

I remember the saying of one of the old hand ( a person with a lot of experience in this particular field ), he said,

“ 2 wives is really problematic, but, 3 wives or more is really nice ”


If (2) wives,

First, they try to persuade the husband ( to get more love than other ).

Moreover, they simply jealous against each other.

They will compare the properties & love ( given by the husband )

They directly or indirectly attack against each other.

They will point out the fault of other ( even the fault of husband ).

They will try to topple other to become a sole wife.

It’s really difficult & problematic.


But if you take more than 2 ( let say, (3) wives or more )

It will become really calm,

Because, they know they are not very important for their husband.

They know, any of them cannot become a sole wife.

They realize that, if they complaint much, they may be divorced by him.

Then, they ( 3 wives ) become united & love each others like a real family.


So, my beloved villagers,

If you are not satisfy with one wife,

Don’t try for 2, instead try for 3. J

“ If you have a will, then, you have a way ” J


I just made this post to give you some information.

I do not encourage other to make polygamy.


As for me, I have neither ability nor courage to try polygamy. J

Furthermore, I do not like polygamy. J

I repeat again “I do not like polygamy ”. J

Foreign Resident

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