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Hi Foreign Resident ,
Thx for ur details information regarding about friends and lovers but it is news to me ! As 4 me very strang to know that they have sex without loving each others and getting anything as money, gold , etc …..


Dear e tone.

Cultures & ideas are different.

Here, they consider, “sex is just one type of entertainment” ( Like TV game ).


Their general idea is:

(1) Male & female are equal

( gender equality = If a male can do it, then, a female can do it )

(2) Both have the sexual organs.

(3) Those sexual organ can be use to get pleasure.

(4) So they use it ( to get pleasure ), that’s all.

( Their idea is very simple & logical )


Actually, this is optional.

But, If you don’t use it at the young age, you “definitely” lose something.

Because, you cannot recover your young body & energy after another 5 or 10 years.

So, this is “once in a lifetime opportunity” & they happily enjoy/consume it.


For example,

you need to eat the rice (meal) everyday.

( because, your body is physically asking & mentally, you also want to eat it / craving )


Here, ( most of ) the young girls want to have sex (at least) every week.

( because, their body is physically asking & mentally, they already knew the taste & they want it again / craving )


In fact, they cannot make it everyday, because they have other things to do.

So, normally, Friday night & Saturday night, they ( girls & boys ) search for it.


During those nights,

Those girls go to nightclubs & find a good-looking man.

After that, they take this man to their room,

( their parents will not disturb it, as this is her personal right )


They will have sex that night. Both male & female enjoy pleasure.

Next morning, she will kick out this man.

They don’t even know the name of other.


Here, everybody has their individual rights &

They are happy to exercise their rights,

as long as it does not disturb others.


For your information & further consideration

Even Adultery ( having sex apart from her spouse ) is not a crime in Australia.

This is her individual right / her choice.


Let say, a wife is boring of her husband & having sex with another young boy.

In this situation, her husband can apply for divorce.

But, he cannot sue to his wife nor this young boy.

This is her personal choice.


I know a couple, Myanmar man married to Australian woman.

Sometimes, she goes to another town & having sex with other young boy.

Her husband ( Myanmar ) cannot do anything.

If he want to divorce, he can apply for divorce, otherwise nothing.


Cultures are different.

Caucasian prefers individual rights & individual freedom.

But, don’t forget, their Caucasian culture is recently on the winning side.



( PS, A lot of people may criticize me for this post ) :)



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