Notice the cultural diversity and multiracial children. It’s also a factor that makes America great.

YouTube – God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood




YouTube – National Anthem USA (ALL VERSES)


YouTube – A Great America – Happy July 4th



America built many dams like the one above since the 50’s and 60’s. A key factor that enabled America to become a superpower.

Remember Dr Zhivago’s movie shown in Burma and elsewhere, long time ago. An unforgettable scene was a colossal dam. Like the constant flow of life, “Bawa than tayar,” its torrential waters kept roaring down with fury. From a backward country, Russia also became another superpower.

It built those dams too, to harness the abundant natural energy needed to drive industries and uplift people’s living standards.


YouTube – Macy’s Fireworks 2011 part 1 of 3

The 35th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Display over the Hudson River, in New York City. New York’s celebration of the nation’s 235th birthday highlighted with more than 40,000 fireworks expertly synchronized in 50 different shape effects,17 colors with theme of “Gift of Freedom”.

YouTube – Macy’s Fireworks 2011 part 2 of 3

YouTube – Macy’s Fireworks 2011 part 3 of 3

Beyonce, Jordin Sparks, Brad Paisley Make Musical Fireworks on the 4th: Watch – Viral Videos |

7 videos inside

July 4th Fireworks: 15 of the Biggest Shows in America Ranked (PHOTOS) – AOL Travel News


Spurned by Lady Liberty, Macy’s Fireworks Show Stays Put –

For this year’s Fourth of July celebration, Macy’s had hoped to turn its massive fireworks show into a birthday party for the Statue of Liberty, which was dedicated in New York harbor 125 years ago. The show’s planners wanted to surround the statue with barges loaded with shells, fire some others off from the base of the statue and even have Beyoncé perform on a stage there.

But city officials rejected that plan, saying that Lower Manhattan could not handle the throngs of spectators who would be drawn downtown. So Macy’s settled for a third consecutive year of staging its fireworks show on six barges in the Hudson River.

Beyoncé will still sing a couple of songs for NBC’s national broadcast of the fireworks. But that performance, which was scheduled to be taped on Friday night, was relegated to a barge tied up about 100 yards from the eastern edge of Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty’s home…. 



Notice the SMILE design in the fireworks. Pretty difficult to do that.




Thanks for uploading this. These were great! Loved the smiley faced one. :)



[PHOTOS] Fourth of July Fireworks Pictures: Washington D.C, New York

July 4 Independence Day Fireworks (LATEST PHOTOS)


YouTube – Large 24 Inch Fireworks Shell‏

At the time of recording, this was the last 24 inch Firework aerial shell that was allowed to be launched in the in the U.S. Filmed at Casino Morongo, Cabazon, CA July 3, 2007. Show by Pyro Spectaculars




YouTube – 4th of July – Mount Rushmore Singers

Picture of Mount Rushmore with the four presidents animated to sing…. in answer to the most frequently asked questions (1) the song is “Sing a Song/I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” by the Gaither Vocal Band from their “Acapella” album. (2) Voice animation was done with CrazyTalk for each president separately and the four parts were put together with Sony Movie Studio. Thanks for the interest.


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