The bird is one of the most fascinating creature in the world. Most species fly very gracefully and inspired many people like the Wright brothers to try to create flying machines nowadays know as aeroplanes. Their bodies are made for flying, in a streamlined shape it lowers air resistance. Although its non flying birds are less fascinating, its behaviour itself is interesting.

Birds always awed men for many centuries. Many legends surrounding birds from gryphons  to phoenix. One famous legend about birds is dragon. Dragons are known to be majestic, fierce and is a large, fire-breathing, flying beasts that every living creatures cowers away in its presence. Some of the birds are described as transportation of god and goddess or them changing into birds themselves.

Feathers are used for religious cultures to worship their gods. Almost all gods in the past are known to fly the themselves or riding birds like dragons thus birds re elevated to celestial position which is always helpful and good creatures.

The birds did not continue to attain the honour as men began hunting birds for food whenever they found new land and kill them for entertainment in the following years after the new land is discovered. There are even sports that require people to kill birds in the air. This onslaught of birds had wiped out many species such as Dodo birds.

It is puzzling though that men hand once worshipped the bird but now man is wiping out their kind. Even in the past, when dragons existed or thought to be, there were always tales of dragon slayers and their heroic quests to kill dragons. Not too worry, governments nowadays are setting up conservatives effort to protect more bird species from becoming extinct, saving our heritages for our future generations.



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