I share the insight ebook which will help you to know and understand the answers of these below questions of insight such as…

1. Why we need to practice to have right understanding or insight contemplation?

2. Insight contemplation is to abandon the old habitual actions of the minds so, how can we abandon the old habits of the minds?

3. How to practice real Insight meditation?

4. What is the Original_Noble Truth?

5. Why is our knowing or perception unreal according to the Buddha’s teaching?

6. What is right understanding or right mindfulness?

7.Why is habitual knowing__mind such as “likes and dislikes,” “pain and pleasure,” “conceiving as hotness and coldness” -etc; unreal?

8. Do you know the impermanence of ‘something or someone’ is unreal? Do you know the real meaning of the Anicca as Buddha want us to understand? -etc;

9. What is the root of all problems & stress?

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Please download the ebook at the link http://www.mediafire.com/?ke9757vm2pe99z7

The ebook of insight was written by me as much as I can understand according to the teaching of Tsunami Sayadaw U Ottamasara from Thanlyin Meditation Centre, Yangon, Myanmar(Burma).

This booklet is based on his teaching & it won’t teach you how to concentrate or be mindful upon something or a movement but how to abandon the idea of something, someone, individual, a entity or a movement -etc; as reality by the way of not-forgetting only the original truth.

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I want to share of right understanding which can give rise to real happiness & freedom as much as I can understand. My sharing is based on the teaching of Buddha, Mogok Sayadaw Gyi, Ahin Ottamasara from ThaBarWa Meditation Centre, Thanlyin Township, Yangon, Myanmar. ခ်မ္းသာအစစ္ကို ရရွိ သိရွိ နားလည္ေရး ...မဂၢင္ရွစ္ပါး တရားနည္း ( ႏွလံုးသြင္းမွန္မႈ) ကို သိရွိေရး တင္ျပသြားရန္ ရည္ရြယ္ပါသည္။

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