About one week ago,
there was a latest survey carried out by The Economist Intelligence Unit &
It said, Australian cites are most livable cities in the world (at least recently).

Ranking No. 1: Melbourne ( Australia )
Ranking No. 6: Sydney ( My recent home town, Australia )
Ranking No. 8: Perth ( Australia )
Ranking No. 9: Adelaide ( Australia )

Sydney Landmark, Opera House, Harbour Bridge & Blue Sky

According to this survey results,
Australia becomes world most livable country,
As Australian city lead the list & 4 out of 10 most livable cities in the world are Australian.

I feel happy to know about that
( because, I am an Australia’s Permanent Resident )
But, I was not surprised to know that,
as I already know their cities are the best I have ever seen all over the world.

Some of the villagers criticized me for not posting the Australian knowledge & beautiful scenes.
In this article, I don’t want to show only the beautiful picture of Australia,
Because, our villagers can easily see it from internet &
Moreover, I think most of our villagers live in abroad &
have been to foreign developed countries.

Therefore, in this article,
I want to inform our villagers,
What did they do & How did they get this world livable city status.
( I think, it is most beneficial for our villagers
rather than seeing just beautiful picture alone )

The most important thing is “Keeping our environment fresh & green”

First, I want to explain about their garbage collecting system.
There are 3 types of garbage bins in every house ( red, yellow & green )
( those garbage bins were supplied (free) from our council &
If the bins are damaged, inform to council &
they will supply (free) you another new one. )
Red bin for General purpose waste,

Red for General purpose waste

Green bin for Plant & grass waste &

Green for Plant & grass waste

Yellow bin for Plastic, paper, glass & recyclable metals.

Yellow for Plastic, paper, glass & recyclable metals

Those bins are big ( 4 feet height ) & they take it every weekly.

Three garbage bins beside my house, green, red & yellow.

FYI, They take this bin by machine arm ( not by man power )

Bin was collected by machine arm, not by man power.


Another important thing is
Each year, our council gives (Free) to every resident (4) plants for their yards
( whether live in house or apartment ).

Resident can choose from variety of flowers & eatable plants.
It encourages every people in our city to grow more trees.
That’s why, our city is green with plants & beautiful with flowers.

Houses are beautiful with flowers.

Plants & flowers in my back yard garden, Isn't it beautiful ???

The walk way beside my home, everyday, I walk together with my 2 dogs (can see in picture), Those trees are white & pink cherry.


A lot of parrots come & eat my trees. Some are beautiful with various shiny colours.

With love,

Foreign Resident.

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