Dear villagers,

This article is just for your “information & consideration” & please, don’t blame me too much. :(

I say again, just joke naw, take it easy.


Do you want to become an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident ?

What is the price to become an Australian ?


This is the easiest way to become an Australian.

Sunday Telegraph ( one of the Australia’s famous Newspapers ) reveal this conspiracy story.


There are a lot of people who desperately want to become an Australian Permanent Resident status.

One Chinese Agency arranges the Commercial Sham Marriage.


“Sham Marriage” means

–  An Australian get money ( either Woman or Man, Caucasian or Asian, Citizen or PR )

–  Made fake marriage ( not real, not true, no sex, no relation )

–  So, this foreigner can get Australian Permanent Resident Visa. ( Who married to Australian )


( For example,  If I marry to the Chinese lady, I will get this money &

she will get Permanent Resident Visa )

For example naw :P

I love my wife & not even dare to think about it :P


The recent price to become an Australian Permanent Resident is

start from 70,000 A$ to 100,000 A$.

70, 000 A$ = 73, 500 US$ = 55,125,000 Kyats = 551 Lakh Kyats.

100, 000 A$ = 105, 000 US$ = 78,750,000 Kyats = 787 Lakh Kyats.

“prices started at $70,000 for phony Caucasian brides and reached $80,000 to $100,000 for ethnically Chinese women, depending on their proficiency in Mandarin”

You can see detail information in following link ;



Anyhow, I would like to boast one thing,

In this particular area, Asian are more valuable than Caucasian! :P


For your information,

Recent price to merry ( not real, without sex ) a Myanmar Australian is

around 500 Lakh Kyats.


By the way, I want to inform you one more thing.

Used cars in Australia are very cheap.

Following is the car stopped beside the road & declared for sale

( I saw it about (3) days ago ).

Only 1000 A$ = 800,000 Kyats = 8 Lakhs Kyat.

( It is cheap, Isn’t it ?, Do you want to buy it )





You can see the sale price = 1000 A$

With love,

Foreign Resident.


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