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လႈပ္ရွားသက္ဝင္ပန္းခ်ီ (Along the River During the Qingming Festival) | The Mandalay Gazette-Myanmar/Burma News Media Forum Network

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Animated version of famous Chinese painting to be displayed in HK


A British born Chinese’s perspective. It touches on one animation version’s technicalities.

The BBC Ronin

Thoughts from a lone wolf British Born Chinese

The BBC Ronin: Along the River During the Qingming Festival


One of the highlight of the Shanghai Expo was the remake of a well known Chinese painting ‘Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival’ (清明上河图) by the famous Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan. It is presented in the format of a long panoramic view as soon in many Chinese paintings except much longer. The scale of the original painting measured at 528 cm long and 24.8 cm wide, this new installation is about 30 times the original size. However this is no ordinary remake, keeping up with modern technology the entire painting is fully digitized with CGI animations giving the audience a multimedia experience of an ancient artwork. Not only that the scene also cycles through night and day. It is being currently shown in Hong Kong, it was such a hit all the tickets were quickly sold out.

The fascination with the painting is the depictions of a bustling city where civilians busily running errands in preparation for the Qingming festival and doing all sorts of daily activities. The painting is based on the capital city of the Song Dynasty Bianjing, which is today’s Kaifeng.  Now if you integrate that with modern technology the whole picture just literally comes to life like an animation on canvas. The painting gives us the glimpse into the daily lives of civilians during the Song Dynasty, showing people from all walks of society and occupations as the scenes transcend from one end to another, through different sections of the city. There’s also various farm animals working along side humans like ox pulling carts along the street. The details in it are just immaculate.

(Young creative talents)



Along the River during Ching-Ming Festival 清明上河圖 Chinese Painting Scroll (HD) – YouTube

Uploaded by artvirtue on Mar 14, 2009

Chinese painting scroll “Along the River during the Ching-Ming Festival ( 清明上河圖 )” is one of the historical masterpieces of Chinese arts. There are several different versions of 清明上河圖 by different painters.

The beginning colophon and the painters’ signatures at the end show the popular Imperial Court Style of Chinese Calligraphy of the Qing Dynasty.

Click on YouTube Tag 清明上河图 for more related videos and different versions.

  1. This painting is a good example of 散點透視 (Cavalier Perspective, Multi-Point Perspective, or Multi-Vanishing Point Perspective) – the Chinese perspective used in brush painting.artvirtue 2 years ago


  • One reason this painting is exciting is that there doesn’t seem to be anything equivalent to it in Western art, where a group of highly talented painters worked as a closely knit team. There were collaborations of two artists, such as Landseer livening up one of Turner’s dull landscapes with a little black dog. In Western art the emphasis is on the individual. The more the painting is a “signature” that easily identifies an artist, the more money can be potentially made by the galleries.sprucelake7 2 years ago
  • Usually a painting like this, ordained by the Emperor and painted by several court painters, they have to cooperate to meet the Emperor’s favor and expectations. They could not paint as freely as the literati painters.artvirtue 2 years ago
  • If several painters worked on this, then it shows an amazing degree of cooperaton.sprucelake7 2 years ago
  • This painting was done by several painters. If we pay close attentions, there are some insignificant differences between their styles and approaches. The horizontal layout (“landscape”) of Chinese painting as wide as this (about 10 or 11 meters) uses different perspectives from Western painting.artvirtue 2 years ago
  • The range of artistic talent in this scroll is amazing, at the highest level ,from natural features to architectural, not to forget those wonderful boats, all joined with the flowing rythm of the river, just amazing. The range in use of color, from the bright and festive to the muted and restrained, is also impressive, as well as the variety and vitality in the figures. Truly a great work of art.sprucelake7 2 years ago


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