Thought after “ခ်ဥ္ေပါင္ဟင္း & ဗမာ့ေအာ္ရီဂ်င္နယ္”



in “ခ်ဥ္ေပါင္ဟင္းက.. ဗမာ့ေအာ္ရီဂ်င္နယ္မဟုတ္ဖူး “ post

I found out a lot of people blame our “သူၾကီး” for not having sufficient patriotism.

“သူႀကီးရဲ႕ေလသံနားေထာင္ရတာ ျမန္မာလူမ်ဳိး၊ယဥ္ေက်းမွဳ ဓေလ႕ထုံးတမ္းေတြကုိ ေတာ္ေတာ္ နာက်ည္းေနပုံရတယ္။

ေရးထားတဲ႕ေခါင္းစဥ္ကုိက နဲနဲခ်ြတ္ခ်င္တဲ႕ဖက္မ်ားေနတယ္ထင္တယ္။

(စိတ္ေတာ႕မရွိနဲ႕ေနာ္၊ ဒီလုိဘဲျမင္မိလုိ႕)”

“သဂ်ီးက ၿမန္မာဆိုရင္ ခ်စ္မလိုလိုနဲ႕ အရိုးအသားထဲက လိမ့္မုန္းေနတာ..”

“သူၾကီးေရးတာေတြကို ဖတ္ၾကည္႔ေတာ႔လဲျမန္မာ(ဗမာ) ျဖစ္ရတာကုိရွက္တာလား။ အားငယ္ေနတာလား။



As for me, I understand “သူၾကီး” & I think,

– “သူၾကီး” try to stimulate your patriotism &

– “သူၾကီး” try to persuade villagers to real & sensible world.


So far, I am with သူၾကီး ( I am in သူၾကီး Side ).


Dear fellow Myanmar,


First, I really appreciate that you want to be proud for Myanmar & trust me, I also do.

But, if you want to proud for Myanmar,



– You ( yourself  ) must do something really proud for Myanmar or

– You must show some really proud works which were done by Myanmar.


For example ;

– “Lord Buddha” is from India/Nepal.

– Chinese invented “paper”.


Otherwise, you cannot proud for being a Myanmar

( especially in Foreign/abroad ).

Please don’t trust the propagandas from our Government alone.

( propaganda  = faulty information with biased & misleading nature, used to promote political causes )

Please, come to real & sensible world.


For your information & consideration,

There is “nothing” ( I repeat, nothing ) from Myanmar in UNESCO approved World Culture & Natural Heritage list.


Even, our neighbor “Thailand” has five.


Historic City of Ayutthaya

Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns

Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries

Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex


Other neighbor, “Bangladesh” has three.


Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur

The Sundarbans


Even, other tiny neighbor “Lao” has two.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Town of Luang Prabang

Vat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements within the Champasak Cultural Landscape


I don’t need to say about other greater neighbors “China” & “India”


When I visited to China recently,

I feel very sad to know,

just a tiny/little garden, owned by single people, in China,

is reserved & treated as World culture heritage site &

our country ( Burma ) has none.

(Generally, most of the people around the world judge the culture of the country by this list)


This is Classical Gardens of Suzhou ( Suzhou, China )

about 5400 Square Meter ( 58125 Square feet / 1.33 acre / less than 250 feet x 250 feet ) wide garden

is approved by UNESCO & it is in the World Culture Heritage list. ( Classical Gardens of Suzhou )


I have heard that,

Formerly, our “Pagan” was in this UNESCO approved World Culture Heritage list.

But, after our Stupid Government

( even repeatedly forbade & warned by UNESCO )

– Repaired the “Pagan” without considering ancient culture value

( eg ; painting gold paint to “Kaung Mhu Daw” pagoda ) &

– Built new modern buildings in those ancient area

( eg ; built new tower & etc in “Pagan” )

Then, “Pagan” does not have enough culture & ancient value &

It was removed from UNESCO approved World Culture Heritage list.


Wake up, my fellow Myanmar, wake up & be realistic.

It seems we have nothing to proud about our culture so far ( at least, recently & officially ) &

Our culture image was destroyed by ourselves.


Really feel sad.


Foreign Resident.


Brochure of Classical Garden of Suzhou with UNESCO World Culture Heritage Logo


It is situated in this narrow alley.


Chinese style map of The Master of the Nets Garden


Entrance of the garden


Visiting Room


Garden - 1


Garden - 2


The pond in the Garden


The Pond & Zig Zag Bridge in the Garden


More than 100 years old Bonsai Plant ( Guide said )




They proudly posted UNESCO approved World Culture Heritage Logo even in Toilet




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