Thought after “ေသရည္ အရက္ ေသာက္စားၿခင္း”


Recently, I saw a lot of posts about “ေသရည္ အရက္္”

ေသရည္  – windtalker 

Beer ၊ ၀ီစကီ ၊ ၀ိုင္ ႏွင့္ ျမန္မာ မိန္းမမ်ားရဲ႕ စာရိတၱ  – etone

စိတ္ပ်က္မိသည့္အရက္ေၾကာ္ျငာ  – နည္ရဲေဇာ္


As majority of Myanmar are Buddhism &

Our “Lord Buddha” forbade “ေသရည္ အရက္ ေသာက္စားၿခင္း”

in  “ငါးပါးသီလ”.

That might be the main cause, a lot of Myanmar people

willingly criticize in “ေသရည္ အရက္ ေသာက္စားၿခင္း”.


Normally, I don’t drink intentionally, in my whole life

(except some occasions for social purpose) &

I agree in certain extent to constrain “ေသရည္ အရက္ ေသာက္စားၿခင္း”.


But, this is a really big “BUT”,

In my opinion, if you can control your drinking habit & limit,

 “ေသရည္ အရက္ ေသာက္စားၿခင္း” still has a tiny good outcome/result.

 ( kai says: Enhance Your Beauty With Red Wine


There might be the worst thing that you forgot to criticize.

This is smoking.

Even though, drinking has some positive outcome,

But, smoking has no positive outcome for your health &

In addition, it also damages the health of your surroundings

(passive smoking).

Then, you may clearly see,

Smoking is definitely worse than Drinking.


I hope every villager has already knew the danger of smoking

(Cancer, Heart Diseases, infant fatality & etc) &

So, I don’t want to explain in this matter anymore.


I want to emphasis is lack of restriction/regulation to smoking in our country.

Most of the Foreign Countries I have ever visited have stricter regulation than our country (Myanmar) do.


Actually, Australian Government wanted to eliminate smoking

in their country,

But, because of human right (Smoker’s individual right to smoke)

Our government cannot eliminate smoking in Australia.

So, they restrict smoking for public health reason.


Recently, I have been to Sydney Duty Free Shop &

By seeing following photos, you may realize &

compare how Australian considers to Drinking & Smoking.


Our stricter regulation strongly prohibits

– Smoking in all public indoor areas 

– Any way of cigarette transaction to children & adolescents

– Cigarette advertisement in public places & any form of Media

( both written or display in TV )


Recent law does not even allow children & adolescents to see a cigarette.

So, cigarette counters should not be displayed in public places.

(Especially for those areas where children & adolescents can be reached)

Then, they have to cover the cigarette counters &

They need to post warning placards upon them.

These counters can only be revealed upon adult customer request.

Even that,

those cigarettes must be cover again by another proper layer more

To prevent accidental seeing of children & adolescents.

Nowadays, cigarette transition really looks like doing business in black market.


Now, I hope, our villagers may realize

what our country needs to do more in Smoking.


Sydney Duty Free Shops


Alcohol can be shown & sold independently


Alcohol can be shown & sold independently


Alcohol can be shown & sold independently


Blue Label


But, Cigarette Counters must be properly covered & post warning placards upon them


These Cigarette counters can only be revealed upon adult customer request


They still have another plastic layer more to prevent accidental seeing of children & adolescents


Frightening & dreadful photos & warning label upon Cigarette cartons




Foreign Resident.


( I put a lot of photos as I think our villagers love photos )











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