China Tour (1) – Tang Dynasty Culture Show


Xi’an ( also known as Chang An ) is

  •  The capital of the Shaanxi province, China.
  • Situated in the central part of Mainland China.
  • The biggest city along Yellow river.


  • One of the oldest cities in China with more than 4000 years of history.
  • Considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.
  • Home land of ( Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, and Tang ) dynasties.
  • The eastern end of the Silk Road, which leads to Europe, Arabia and Africa.
  • It is also a home to the Terracotta Army.


  • Xi’an has a population of 8.07 million.
  • The majority of Xi’an residents are Han Chinese ( 99.1% )
  • Some Muslim Hui people concentrated in the Muslim quarter.


  • In World War II, the invading Japanese army didn’t reach to Xian.
  • As a result, Xi’an suffered minimal destruction. 


Our guide said ;

  • Beijing = Administrative City,
  • Shanghai = Economic City,
  • Xian = Education & Textile city


We had dumpling dinner & Tang Dynasty Culture Show together

in the Sunshine Grand Theater, Xian.

It cost around 330 Yuan ( 50 US$ ) for each person.

In my opinion, it deserves.


In their theatre, you can see,

The background is very bright, colourful, sharp & beautiful.

It is made of very big LED screen.

I wish, our country would have one like it, very soon.


The Entrance of Sunshine Grand Theater, Xian


With Welcoming Party at entrance


After having Dumpling Dinner, You can see the theater has 3 levels / floors


Tang Dynasty Dance


Tang Dynasty Musical Instruments


Spring flowers on the moon lit river, Very clear & beautiful LED Screen


The Typical Soft Dance, Lu Yao, Very bright LED Screen


The Sword Dance, See the posture of performers, She should wear a lot of Perfume. :P


Buddhism (1), Ladies are really beautiful


Buddhism (2)


The Imperial Feather Dance (1)


The Imperial Feather Dance (2)


Glorious Tang Dynasty (1)


Glorious Tang Dynasty (2), Please see the clear & sharp LED Background


Final Closing Scene.


With Love,

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