4. Created Truths are unreal, imperfect and impermanent

We have to abandon the idea of paying attention to all created truths as they cannot be grasped and held tight as reality.

Since we cannot take created truths for granted that they are reality, perfect and permanent we have to learn doing-freely without grasping.
In this way, the power of doing things will be greater and greater.

There is no need to take all created truths such as the “what, where, who, when, how with their constraints “ into account or consideration.

“By trying to discard and abandon the attitude of paying attention to created truths, we will be able to do things freely— doing-only.”

Try to do freely without grasping anything. We must not pay attention to what we “do and do not do”.
Central emphasis shall not be placed on what we “do and do not do”. “Doing or not doing” is not of real importance.
What is really important is whether or not there is the freedom from attachment and grasping upon actions of “ doing or not”.

We have to strive learning to do things freely without being confined and restricted (doing-only).

5. How to abandon the unending cycle of suffering?

If we cannot abandon the act of doing things with restriction (doing-things-unfreely depending on something), we will be caught up in the unending cycle of suffering (samsara).

If we succeed in abandoning the idea-making (mind action) of paying attention to situations of created truths by thinking, attachment to created truths will become less and less and disappear sooner or later.

The ability of abandoning the concept of “emphasis to created truths” leads the way to- using-only and experiencing-only.
(i.e, “The ability of abandoning the idea of focusing to created truths” makes us able to use things freely and our action becomes doing-only.)

If we can abandon the idea(mind action) of paying attention in the traditional ways to created truths such as the “ what, where, when, who and how with their limitations”, then we will learn to be free from attachment of paying attention to created truths.

“Mental paying attention to created truths” leads the way to unending processes.
“Abandoning the mental paying attention to created truths” leads the way to ending process.

For example, if we pay attention to created truths such as “living beings or existences, time, places ,” it will never end as all of those created truths are infinite and endless.

If we succeeded in abandoning the habit (mind-action) of “central emphasis to unending matters” such as “what, where, who , when & situations”, real peace will be our reward— there will surely be the end.

We are used to ”doing things with grasping with likes and dislikes” and so there will be no end in following those unending phenomena.
For instance, if we pay attention to created truths such as “living beings, words or speech” as in “someone is saying something”, it will never end.

(to be continued)
This article is directly based on the Guided Talk in Myanmar language by Tsunami Sayadaw U Ottamasara at Than-lyin Natural Meditation Center(TMC) , Yangon.
at Oct – 2011. It is translated by Hnin Nwe Soe

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