6. The Real End or Completion

If we can abandon the idea of “emphasizing created truths”, there will certainly be the end, completion or cessation.

If we persistently try to discard the mental act of centering, we will be able to use created truths such as ‘time, place, method, situation’ in the right way__ we can just use them without mental grasping anything as reality or individual.

Taking created truths as reality and of real importance, mankind uses them with grasping such as ‘my house, your house, my property and your property’.

If we use the things with the idea of grasping such as ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, worries about ‘ loss of things’ ; ‘mine to yours’ & ‘yours to mine’, they will occur endlessly.
Everyone will be in trouble with competing with each other.

7. Perfection (Parami)

Everyone has the ability of doing things including practice meditation with limitations & restrictions. (doing un-freely).

There is no ending or completion in doing things with restrictions.

“Doing things with limitations” is a kind of “doing some compensation for bad luck”.

“Doing things without limit” is “fulfilling the parami or perfection”.
In offering things or generosity (dana), we need to donate things without limit.

We need to give or help unselfishly so that there will be nothing remaining to abandon and donate. Just as in- one of the previous lives of Buddha- ‘Sumedha, a son of the wealthy,’ he did good deeds, donate or abandon things as much as he could. He donated things until no offering remained.

We have to do good deeds freely without being limited. We have to try to get rid of “the act of doing good deeds with limitation”.

If we do not strive to do good deeds, the power of doing good deeds will be within limits.

We must strive to do good deeds (dana, sila, bhavana) without limit so that we will be able to do good deeds beyond limitations and restrictions.

That kind of doing good deeds means fulfilling the parami__perfection.
To be continued ….. (This article is directly based on the Guided Talk in Myanmar language by Tsunami Sayadaw U Ottamasara at Than-lyin Natural Meditation Center(TMC) , Yangon. at Oct – 2011. It is translated by Hnin Nwe Soe.

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