8 . To forgive and endure

We need to be able to rise our capacity to endure as much as we can.
The more we are able to tolerate, the better we gain tolerance.

Only then, we enable ourselves to do good deeds freely without being limited and restricted.

If we do not have the courage of abandonment, then we will never learn to go through endurance.

“The power of forgiveness and endurance” will be within limitations and restrictions.

9. How should we use our ability?

(Using ability in the right way)

We are used to ‘attaching to something and someone’ which is a kind of defilement (kilesa). For example, everyone is used to “getting absorbed to the physical phenomenon of youthfulness, aging, sickness and death”.

We have to discard and abandon the act of leaving out something.

We have to discard and abandon till ‘there will be nothing remaining to attach to’ in order to get rid of defilements (kilesa) permanently.

We should also strive to propagate and practice mediation without constraints. As a result, the power of doing good deeds will be greater and greater. We must strive to do good deeds without limit. This is the way to use our ability in the right way.
If we do not use our utmost ability in doing good deeds, where shall we use it?

The teaching is now over.

This article is directly based on the Guided Talk in Myanmar language by Tsunami Sayadaw Rev Ottamasara at Than-lyin Natural Meditation Center(TMC) , Yangon at Oct – 2011 & it is translated by Hnin Nwe Soe.

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