Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala’s talk

YouTube – Don’t come to the Talk just for Kusala Merit

November 25, 2008 — A reminder to the audience by the Late Mogok Sayadawgyi U Vimala, not to attend his Dhamma Talks just for gaining Merits.

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A famous saying goes, “Going to the Temple earns manifold Kuthos/merits.” Yet, Mogok Sayadaw bluntly and honestly said, “Don’t come to the (Temple) talk just for gaining merits.” Find out the reason why.

Do Buddha’s Vinaya rules allow monks to visit or organize Food Fairs and enjoy music and dances? Especially, when the Dhamma Hall, etc. are completed and ALL loans fully paid off, long time ago?

Do Buddha’s Vinaya rules REQUIRE Buddhist monks to organize and promote various cultures? Or, just to study and preach the Dhamma?

In fact, Vinaya rules PROHIBIT above non-Dhamma activities. That is why, some monks would rather not do Food Fairs but follow the straight and narrow path.

Anyway, a L A area monk has not issued reports for many years on how the Nibban Zay/Food Fair moneys were really spent. Rumors abound of huge diversions to Nawa Kama, personal use moneys and extravagant First class round trip air fares each about $ 4,000. Originally, declared for TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION, but allegedly DIVERTED. DIVERSION TOTAL COULD BE UP TO $ 15,000.

No denial up to now.

BTW, the related Temple’s monks enjoy separate Nawa Kama, free lodging, free utilities, free health insurance, etc. already.

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