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2011’s Pictures of the Year

Every year is made up of countless moments that humble us, terrify us, sadden us. Moments that make us laugh, cringe, shake our heads in disbelief or wonder. Photographers strive to capture those moments, to tell us something of the times we live in. This gallery presents the pictures that did just that over the past year: In a photo that neatly captures the chaotic, earnest, rag-tag nature of the insurgent force that battled Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s military for most of 2011, rebels fighters scatter after coming under fire from pro-Gaddafi troops outside the town of Ras Lanuf in mid-March. Gaddafi himself was captured and subsequently killed on October 20; three days later, Libya’s National Transitional Council announced the end of the country’s civil war.


ivil war.

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