XXXX (Dalai Apologist) harped abt “Tibetan Buddhism” & Dalai Lama’s so called “unique lineage.” He was referring to Dalai’s “living god reincarnation” lineage.

This lineage supposedly will stretch to ETERNITY! It’s forever & beyond, perpetuating this so called monk king’s cruel feudal theocracy.

Isn’t a Buddha supposed to attain NIRVANA (go to heaven)? Or, is it for a Buddha to stay forever on Earth?

ALL prior Buddhas, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, went to NIRVANA. So will future Buddhas. Even Brahmas & Angels (demigods) don’t stay put on Earth.

If really a “living Buddha or god,” what is Dalai doing in this earthly world for the 14th, and possibly UMPTEENTH time?

Conversely, if forever STUCK in this world with his unique reincarnation lineage, how can he possibly be a living BUDDHA or GOD?

Buddhists believe even lay people can strive for and attain Nirvana. Why couldn’t Dalai, a “holy” monk?

If his lineage condemns him to “stay put” on Earth, then something must be VERY WRONG with him.



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