Liberty of Collection Of Top 10 Iphone Apps For Music

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My addiction of choice is the iPhone music, Well further is descirbed top 10 iPhone Apps for music, which will be cover your liberty of collection. Bellow is listed best iPhone music apps.

10 iPhone Apps for Music


If you run with your iPhone, drive with it or listen to any kind of music on the go, you know what a pain it can be to constantly adjust the volume to adapt to your listening environment. Adaptunes takes care of this conundrum by automatically adjusting your volume based on speed and motion-based sensors. There are also different activities you can choose from that provide different modes of sound adaptation, such as driving, mountain biking, jogging, skiing, exercising, etc. Further, you can create playlists within Adaptunes for on-the-spot volume adjustment.

Audiogalaxy Mobile

This app gives you cloud-based access to your entire music library without the need for syncing your phone or worrying about space. After downloading the Audiogalaxy helper program and syncing your music library to your account, you are all set to stream your music to your iPhone. Audiogalaxy also enables you to access your music from any computer and a large number of other handheld devices.

Top 100s by Year

Top 100s by Year is a great app that provides a huge database of the 100 most popular songs from each year from 1947 to today. You can search by year, see the full year’s listing and listen to the songs (the app automatically has each year’s songs in shuffle mode). It also allows you to buy any song on its lists directly from iTunes and/or see its accompanying music video on YouTube. This is a great reference app for pulling together playlists or just waxing nostalgic on songs that were hits when you were in eighth grade.


Use Earworms to send audio clips. This fun app features 20 songs; all you have to do is pick which one you want and email it.

sir Sampleton

Sir Sampleton is actually a sophisticated and feature-rich app that lets you do everything from recording or changing sounds to mixing beats, adding vibrato, and even saving recordings. It’s a fun way for both novices and more seasoned beat masters to get their groove on.

ooTunes Radio

If you want to mix up your radio station listening experience and you crave a huge variety of genres and styles, including talk radio, ooTunes Radio is a great app for limitless listening pleasure. Compiling audio from more than 30,000 streams in 150 countries, ooTunes Radio lets you create the exact playlist you want and gives you the chance to listen to radio shows from around the world. The neat Radio Roolette feature offers a playlist of available music and enables you to listen to a sampling of music from hundreds of stations without having to manually pick them yourself. If you hear a song you like, the app also lets you purchase directly from iTunes for instant download, as well.


This fun app can actually recognize a user humming or singing a tune and will pull up all the relevant matches it finds. A free, lite version is available as well with unlimited music IDs, but the paid version features ad-free content and new features such as Wikipedia-based information on artists and bands.


With TuneWiki, you can memorize the lyrics to your favorite songs and ensure that you have it right from the get-go. TuneWiki is both a radio player and lyrics decoder and provides a wide array of music streams to choose from. You can either listen and get lyrics through TuneWiki’s radio options or use your own iTunes library. You can even search for songs if you know just a line or two of the lyrics.

Concert Vault

Concert Vault is a great app for music lovers who would prefer to listen to live music recordings. It really is a veritable cache of recorded treasures from past decades, including artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Queen and more. The app, and up to 10 hours of streaming, is free for every user, but if you’re a live concertaholic and 10 hours isn’t enough, you can upgrade your membership for some amount/year and get benefits such as unlimited access to recordings, upgraded bitrate streaming and discounts on merchandise.

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