A New Christmas Song 2010 The Reserve World War 1 Truce

YouTube – A New Christmas Song 2010 The Reserve World War 1 Truce


well there was numerous football matches played as the christmas truce occured in a few areas of the western front, in some area’s the truce lasted until new year’s day, so there is no dout that your grandad scored but i only know of 1 game where germany won 3-2 but there was definatly other games

This is heartwarming song, indeed. But it’s sad that the truce was only allowed to happen during the first year of the Great War. In all of the following years, artillery bombardments were ordered on Christmas Eve to ensure that there were no further lulls in the combat. Troops were also rotated through various sectors of the front to prevent them from becoming overly familiar with the enemy.

It’s a jolly good song, and you a did a wonderful job with the visuals. Well done!


YouTube – Christmas in the Trenches Music Video


This song is one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs. It truly captures the spirit of Christmas, and reminds us that miracles can happen even in the midst of a terrible war, even between soldiers fighting on opposite sides whose governments have decided they are enemies.

I cry… I cry when I remember the soldiers who served us. This song, it really stands out. It reminds us that war is not always the answer. They died for our freedom, as gladly I would too. My great grandpa died in those trenches. It… it was on Christmas Eve. He didn’t live to see it. I cried… when my cousin went to war. Never forget, never, the men that died. I am happy, that this song is here to remind us that we are still the same.

“And on each end of the rifle we’re the same.” I agree..


Soldiers’ Pictures on Christmas Day – NYTimes.com


3:35 p.m. | Updated The chaplain held special services. A guy in a red suit made the rounds. There were decorations and lights and even a few (fake) trees. Gifts from home were opened. And some general named Petraeus even dropped in bearing some valuable goodies for the troops (Army Commendation awards for valor and three Purple Hearts)


YouTube – Celtic dueling violins


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Celtic Woman – Over the rainbow



Méav, Chloë, Órlagh, and Hayley sing “Over the Rainbow” at the Slane Castle, Ireland

Celtic Woman – The Butterfly

YouTube – Celtic Woman – The Butterfly



Celtic Woman / Chloe Agnew – ”Spanish Lady”

YouTube – Celtic Woman / Chloe Agnew – ”Spanish Lady”



Celtic Woman – A New Journey – Spanish Lady

YouTube – Celtic Woman – A New Journey – Spanish Lady


Celtic Woman – A New Journey: Live at Slane Castle, Ireland 2006


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