YouTube – World Buddhism forum

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YouTube – The 2nd World Buddhist Forum / 第二届世界佛教论坛 宣传片

The World Buddhist Forum aims to set up an high-level platform of open dialogue in the spirit of equality and pluralism, for those who love
the world, care for the living beings, respect and protect Buddhism, with a loving heart to conduct exchanges and collaboration.

Theme of the Second World Buddhist Forum ( held in china , 04/2009)
A Harmonious World, A Synergy of Conditions

Harmony Human beings eternal pursuit

World The space and time in which human beings exist     Conditions You, he/she and I, the three parties constitute a crowd, a variety and a multiplex. In a wider context, different countries and regions, different nationalities and races, different civilizations and religions, different peoples and estates comprise the wonderful world. Civilizations blossom in a vigorous, multi-cultural world. Conditions are the core and foundation of Buddhist Teachings, and the main principle for the formation, existence, disintegration and cessation of the world. To know about conditions and dependent origination is to know about Dharma and the Buddha. Everything rises and falls according to the law of conditions and dependent origination. The accomplishment of Buddhism is also subject to law.

Harmony The spirit of harmony is understanding, respect, gratitude and concord. It promotes kindness among people, unity of families, a friendly social relationship, a harmonious society, mutual understanding among civilizations and peace in the world. It seeks to accommodate both similarities and differences. The most pleasant stage of harmony is harmony of individual beauty, mutual beauty and integrated beauty of the world.

Synergy Synergy means to gather and cooperate. Everything on earth grows by the synergy of Yin and Yang, and all dharmas come into being by the synergy of multiple conditions.     A harmonious world is based on a common pursuit, a synergy of multiple conditions and mutual cooperation.     A harmonious world,



YouTube – Buddhist Palace in Lingshan Mountain

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YouTube – Ling Shan Palace

Recorded on February 03, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.


YouTube – Ling Shan

Recorded on February 03, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.



YouTube – Palace dome



YouTube – Ling Shan – Wuxi

I just got back from Wuxi… I only took pictures… But this video says it all Thanks for posting this !

Thanks for showing this excellent video of wuxi.


YouTube – 佛光山的故事—大佛城


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