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Practice made perfect! This is an Indian dish named ‘Parotta’. The man makes it flat and throws it to the cook who will cook it in a hot and flat iron top.




Parotta – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Parotta or Barotta, is a common layered flat bread of Southern India. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. Parottas are usually available in restaurants and road side shops across Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and and the Middle East (introduced by the South Indians. It is also served in marriage and religious festival and feasts. It is prepared with Maida and Oil/Ghee by beating the mixture into thin layers and later forming a round bread with the thin layers.

YouTube – Flying Parottas @ Velankanni

See how good these guys are in throwing and catching the parotta (south-indian bread). Customers are attracted especially to this (plus this comes at no special-price tag)


YouTube – Tag team Parota Masters

A sight that I captured at one of the restaurants at the beach in Velankanni… Absolutely amazing!!



YouTube – Flying Breads, Parathas, Parothas



Paratha – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A paratha/parantha (Punjabi: ਪਰੌਂਠਾ, Hindi: पराठा, Urdu: پراٹھا, Bengali: পরোটা ) is an Indian flat-bread that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Paratha is an amalgamation of the words parat (Hindi: परत, Bengali: পরত, Urdu:پرت ) and atta (Hindi: आटा, Punjabi: ਆਟਾ, Bengali: আটা, Urdu: آٹا) which literally means layers of cooked flour.[1] In Burma, it is known as palata (ပလာတာ; pronounced [pəlàtà]), while it is known as farata in the Maldives.


Indian immigrants took this dish to Malaysia, Mauritius (where it is known as farata) and Singapore, resulting in variations such as roti canai and roti prata.


In Myanmar (Burma), where it is known as palata, it is eaten with curries or cooked with either egg or mutton, or as a dessert with white sugar. Htat ta ya, literally ‘a hundred layers’, is a fried flaky multilayered paratha with either sugar or boiled peas (pè byouk).

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