One can first argue about the location of the hotel so close to the sites and about the connections of the owner but our choice was eventually to stay there as we were traveling with our young daughter. Our stay at the Aureum turn into a complete nightmare; at the end of the first afternoon, we heard our daughter screaming from under the shower. I run to the bathroom and found her stuck to the shower water tap, clearly being electrocuted. I jumped on her to try to free her (no time to find the main power switch, could not through a towel at her as it was all wet plus a good dose of protection/survival instinct) but found myself in the same situation. My wife soon tried to rescue us but was also electrocuted and could not move. It lasted only a few seconds but I still don’t know as of today how we managed to get out of the shower (I vaguely remember trying to push sideways with one of my legs). Following this event, our daughter was obviously in absolute shock commenting that she saw herself dying and did not want to go to bed any more because she would not wake up and would most probably die overnight (not to mention that she would not shower or swim in the pool). The manager subsequently tried to explain that the problem was most probably coming from the water heater but that the voltage was only 15 Volts (!!!!!!). Aureum management did not report the problem to our travel agency neither. I insisted on getting feedback on the problem and follow up from Aureum. The following day, I was shown the heating coil from our room with a corroded and broken temperature probe through which the water passed and short circuited the 2 live wires on the back of the coil. We were electrocuted (with 220 Volts) as the electricity breakers did not work or did not exist and the heater was badly or not grounded. Management confirmed that all the rooms where check the same day (which I don’t believe a second now). In a nutshell, the hotel looks great (and the service quite good) but basic safety features are not properly installed or inexistent. This type of incident should never happened in any hotel and most particularly in this supposedly top-of-the-range category where you pay extra money to have some guaranty of quality. I am reporting this incident that could have been catastrophic but am facing some problems: – one can never check a heater before taking a shower so not much to be done after such a story (& one would not expect to be cautious in such a place. Lesson learned) – should I have reported this problem on Tripadvisor as, once again, if less tourists go to this place, these are the poor local guys (waiters, cleaners, cooks etc.) who would be penalized and not the owner, who I believe, at the head of a massive consortium, could not care less about this (non)issue for him. Still, Burma is amazing; people are friendly, the culture is impressive and sceneries are amazing. Opening will come from within. Happy traveling. Room Tip: If you survive the 220V trauma, you will be upgraded to Palm Tree villa with private pool& you will not pay any bills… See more room tips * Stayed August 2011, traveled with family

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