People helping the stuck person to get out of car

car head shot

the truck with full load collided the light truck from back

on Mdy-Ygn highway near Set-Hmu 1 on 5 Dec 2011 around 8:30pm


People using wooden/ metal pole to release the person stuck inside car

car head light, windscreen and bumper

I happened to see the car accident when I came back from Kyauk-se around 8:30pm, on Dec 5 2011. the accident took place on Mdy-Ygn Highway near Set-Hmu 1 where the new look petrol kiosk are recently opened.

According to eye-witness, the light truck was sandwiched by two lorry truck with full load. the light truck collided the front lorry when the lorry stopped suddenly and was bumped by second lorry to become this stage.

there was no causalities but the light truck driver(male) and passenger(female) are badly injured at their legs, but not broken.

After seeing this accident, i felt scary thoughts on my mind as I am also driving this kind of light truck, so called “2007 model” produced from Myanmar Set-Hmu Zone….I also feel that the driver who using this road at this hour has to pay more attention as this is the time when the Mdy-Ygn express buses and lorries with full load travel out of Mandalay.



P.S. Pardon me for using English as I haven’t installed zawgyi font keyboard on my computer and if i lack detailed info on my pic…




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