zipper johnMarch 18, 20135min870
Customization services are those that makeanexceptionalindividuality for you and your business. PHP open source applications need customization to make it fit for business purpose in real terms. You can structure the complete development process according to your requirements and get the results that are completely exclusive to you; PHP Customization makes everything possible on net, […]

zipper johnMarch 11, 20135min930
In current years, Joomla has become one of the most extensively used and most widespread content management systems (CMS) in the world. One of the reasons for the platform’s accomplishment is its capacity to increase its core functionality with plug-ins, modules and extensions. E-commerce extensions are some of the most downloaded extensions because they simplify […]

zipper johnMarch 7, 20135min800
Magento’s powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools give merchants the power to make eCommerce sites that are tailor to their distinctive business needs. Magento was established in 2001 and has made a recent partnership with eBay that has enhanced its growing community of developers who are constantly improving and creating new features, extensions, […]

zipper johnMarch 1, 20136min1300
In the web application development there are lots of debugging tools available to enhancement of Php web application development. I will describe some usefull tools which works for PHP Web Development. Bellow is listing debugging tools: Webgrind Webgrind may be a web-based Xdebug identification frontend for PHP like kcachegrind. Webgrind provides a straightforward PHP-powered interface […]