Hi All:
Please vote our Burmese Kitchen to win for Best of the BayList. Please see below link.
Thanks for your help.

Burmese Kitchen
(415) 474-5569  (415) 474-5569
452 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA

What is the Best of the BayList?
– An online guide to local businesses that launched with a contest starting 3/29/2010. The guide will be available year-round.
– Consumers from all over The Bay Area vote for their favorite businesses on http://baylist.sfgate.com/contests/best-of-the-baylist/4766
– You can view your listing immediately.

How can I promote my business?
Use your SFGate username and password that you set up at the link above and login to the Best of the BayList free Business Center to:
– Download logos, signs, and links to grab voters’ attention
– Look your best: easy-to-use tools to add images and text
– Order free business cards to hand out to customers

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