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Azusa Temple’s Inside Info

Azusa Temple’s Inside Info » Myanmar Online Community Since 2000

Above picture shows people counting money from Azusa Temple Food Fair in prior year 2009. Azusa Temple allegedly has a projected cash balance of  $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 in hand.

The monk does not send out any money reports showing where the moneys went. Rumors of huge diversions to Nawa Kama and extravaganza have never been refuted, even up to now.

Why do another Food Fair when there are enough funds already?

Why do another “Guest Shed” in addition to the Dhamma Hall, when the permit is only 130? Would your donated services be wasted when the City close down the Temple for exceeding the 130 limit, once too often?

What a waste!

Why isn’t the monk UPFRONT with you about the 130 limit? Or, the publishing of various money reports? Examples: Nibban Zays, Shwedagon Replica, Azusa Fence/Walls….

The answer is simple. He has something to hide!

Is that good for the community?

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