The following postings are from Click2Myanmar old and abandoned website. They are reproduced for the benefit of religious organizations, trustees and lay people setting up overseas, in US and elsewhere.

They might learn something about the legal and tax issues involved and avoid potential dangers and pitfalls.

There were two topics on this same Azusa Temple issue. They are now merged in date order. These two topics were among the top three topics that  scored the largest number of hits (in FIVE FIGURES).


Short story

The group led by Lin Htoo fired the first salvo on Click2Myanmar website. This group was a pro Monk group. It  was smearing another group. This second group was opposing the Monk’s “Sanghika” promotion.

Sanghika is a dedication ceremony in which the Temple property is quit claimed to the monks as a whole. The dedication ceremony was approaching soon, at the time.

The second group was pointing out the Sanghika dedication’s illegality and dangers in US.

Did the postings reveal the enormous greed and arrogance of people in positions of trust?  Did they also reveal the grave ignorance of and disdain for the laws of the land?

Are the opposing group’s efforts to be commended?

Did their merit worthy efforts prevent a Sanghika dedication ceremony from taking place?

What was the outcome? Did it comply with US laws?


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July 22, 2007 – Azusa Temple

This was a flyer from Azusa Temple in Burmese. Not readable now.
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Re: July 22, 2007 – Azusa Temple

I need to comment on the flyers that were passed around in the past week in Los Angeles regarding Azusa monastery. These smear propaganda were issued by several former board members, it seems they are disgruntled. We need to find out what is their true motive behind these negative campaigns. The flyers were passed out during the fund raising event and at another monastery. These statements issued by them suggested either they are ignorant or think the rest of the Burmese community is naive.

First of all, if they actually want to convey their thanks to the head monk, why send a message? They can get an audience with TanKyi Taung Sayadaw, while he is visiting US in Azusa.

Secondly, as they suggested in their letters, one in which they wrote in a very childish way of “ playwright” conversation among the spiritual deities: “ That if an individual verbalize the ownership of a property, then the ownership will change and will be subject to property tax”. As I had stated above they must be really ignorant. An individual’s verbalization of ownership does not constitute a transfer of title or the deed of property.

If anyone of you had purchased a real estate property in the US, then they would know that after extensive paperwork to verify the property and clear of any lien, at the actual time of closing, signing multiple copies of contract by buyer, seller, their representing lawyers and at least two banks that are issuing mortgage must be present to actually carry out the transaction. And when the mortgage is paid off then the title of property is issued to the individual or the organization. Just because someone verbally claim to own property doesn’t mean they actually own it. Oh, by the way, I have a beautiful bridge for sale! It’s called “ The Golden Gate Bridge” anyone of you guys interested?

As former board members, those individuals were at one time in the past served on board. However, once their term is over or resigned from the board, they have nothing to do with the board anymore or the organization for that matter. They are now ordinary citizens.

There are numerous other former board members who are still supporting the current board and enjoy and practice the Buddhism we are accustom to. If these four individuals do not wish to support, they just should go on their marry way and practice whatever religion they so desire, But should not smear against the current board and brainwash the rest of the Burmese community with their ignorant statements. Instead of just reading their propaganda and confused by their claims, we all should question their motive.

What are they going after? This monastery? Why? Is it because it is mortgage free and got the proper permit to carry out the teaching of Theravada Buddhism? These individuals were not there when this monastery becomes successful. They were only there for the very beginning few months, if not years. Why all of a sudden interested in this? Perhaps on your next letters to public you guys should explain your true motives behind all those smear. Or better yet, people should start calling them and demand an answer from them! Or apology to the community!

As evidence by the success of the last NaiBanZay, there are many supporters of this monastery, and it will continue to grow, thanks to the Sayadaw and the Monks that reside there.

The Burmese community is supporting this monastery because it’s under the leadership of these fine monks. As true Buddhists who believe in “ Triple Gems”, it is very sinful to disrespect them.

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Re: July 22, 2007 – Azusa Temple

If we don’t know what really going on inside, we cannot judge from outside. Are there any issues between previous board members with our monks? Why 80% of the last board members resigned including the accountant? Why accountant? Is there some mis-handling donations? Spending fund improper way? Is there something else cause last 80% of the board members to resign?

Let’s look at why we resigned? We don’t like our jobs. We don’t like to work with the people that we working with or we don’t like our boss. Too much work and too stressfull or not worth it and etc……… So, we resigned.

My point is we need to know both inside and out to make a judgement. Do we want to find out what really going on inside between the monks, the current board members and all previous board member? Do we want to call all in a meeting and setup a date for this hearing? So, we know what is going on.

As a second thought. Do we really want to know the inside?

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