Most of the people are jumping from one company to other company. Why do they want to jump? Because of money? Because of opportunities? Because of their dreams? Because of what? What is the loyalty?

When I was five years or six years old, my grandpa always told me the story at the night time. He told me when we are living in our lives; we always have to think for others.  Not to make harm others coz of us. I nodded the words of my grandpa. I knew nothing coz I was young. The stories he told me were very interesting and gave a lot of lessons. I still remember one of the stories he told me. I don’t know why he was talking that story every weekend. May be that’s why I still remember until now.

Two workers were working at a Boss’ house. The name of one person was Thura and the other was Taza. Thura was very hardworking and dutiful. Taza was a little lazy and always let Thura do. If there was any job, he always told Thura, “Make this one for me. I’ve to go somewhere. Let it do by yourself. Ok?” After that, he always left like that. When Taza met with other friends, he was always talking. “As you know, that Thura is very crazy. Whether we work or not, we’ll get salary. I don’t know why he is hard working. That Boss don’t know we are working or not. He never takes cares of us. I don’t like this boss.” He was always talking behind Thura and Boss.

One day, Thura whispered Taza, “Do you know, my brother? Our Boss is talking behind you. You are not good. You are not dutiful. You are very lazy. He is talking like that, you know.”

“No, I don’t know, Thura. My god knows I’m working. No need to let him know. He gives me money, I work for him. That’s it. No need to recognize. One day when I found my way, I’ll go. But now I’ve to be loyalty to him because he is my boss.” Thura told him. He left silently. Every day, he came to Thura and told the same way. Every time, he was talking the same way. Every day, he was talking the same way. Gradually, those words came into Thura’s heart silently though he ignored. Later, two of them didn’t work anything. They were pretending they were working. So, their work was not finished. Every day they took their wages, but they were liars. Boss didn’t know that case. One day, he noticed they were not working and pretending because their works were not finished. So, he thought he should change these two workers from his farms. But he knew already Thura was a hardworking person. But he could not understand why he was not like before. He would like to know the answer. But he neglected that case for a while because he was very busy at that time.

One day, Boss had to travel to another town for the business case. So, he told his two slaves, “Tomorrow I’ve to go to Ywar Ma Town for business. Two of you come along with me. Ok?” “Ok!” two slaves looked at each other and they went home.

Thura was preparing to go with his boss. At that time, his father told him, “My son, you’ll go tomorrow. Right ?”

“Yes, Dad. Why?”

“No, nothing, my son. Just take care of him because he is our graditudes. He helps us, so take care!”

“Dad, u know, that Boss is not good. Every time I’m working very hard but he didn’t praise me. He always annoys me. I don’t like him, Dad. I don’t want to work under him.”

“No, it’s not like that, my son. He’ll understand one day. Don’t think of him. Just think of your work. God knows everything, my son. If you give your hand to someone, he or she will give you back. Don’t worry. Be positive mind. And be loyalty on your Boss. Don’t make any mistake. Take care of him.” Dad told him softly. He nodded and he took rest.

Morning at 4 o’clock, they started to travel. They were walking for a long time. They felt tired on the way, so they took a rest for a while under the big tree. Natural air came into their faces. They felt a little good. They ate their food and Boss fell asleep. At that time, Taza told Thura, “Brother, this is the chance for us. You know, he took a lot of money. So we’ll kill him and let’s take half by half.”

“Ok, that’s a good idea.” Thura said. But the words his father told him at night dawned upon him. He was scared to do that bad manner. At last, he refused to do. Taza was very angry. He was already carrying a knife to kill. “Ok! No problem! If you are scared, I’ll do by myself and I’ll not let you to stay alive also.”

“You can kill me if you want. But don’t kill our Boss.”

“Hahahaha… you are nothing. You’ve nothing. I’ll kill him and I’ll take all”

Later, Thura and Taza were fighting one another. At that time, Boss woke up. And he saw the situation of this sight. All villagers came to that place and caught Taza. Boss understood who the best worker is. So, he apologized for his talking to Thura and he knew clearly what the honesty is, what the loyalty is. Boss gave Thura one kilogram of gold as a prize.

This story may be a little crazy but I can’t forget that. My grandpa told me, “Don’t make harm others because of you.” I was a kid at that time. I have no questions to ask him. Just listening the story and I was happy because actor in that story got a lot of gold. This is just a baby’s thought. Now my grandpa is already passed away. I want to ask him if someone makes me harms, how I have to do. I am sure he will tell me “JUST FORGIVE THEM”.


Mie Mie Lay (KPG)




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