As many fatal incidents have encountered during maintenance of elevator, I instruct the very new employee on his first day at work to safely use elevator.

I explain him not to use emergency escape if in case he is stuck in the elevator by any chance. I told him use the phone in elevator and just call me or control center, we will rescue him.

Moment later, I get a call from him. He is nervously telling me, Sir, I am stuck in elevator.

I told him not to worry and asked him which floor level the elevator stopped. No response from him, however.

What the heck, I jump out of my chair and rushed to elevator.

As I found the elevator power off, I could not immediately find which level it was stopped.

It took an hour, rescue team managed to open elevator trunk to find it was just stopped at the lobby floor, not moving since he was in.

 Instead of floor call, he had pressed emergency stop button and called me he was stuck in the elevator.



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