Dear friends ,who live in foreign countries,

I would like to request you all to share your experiences, events, daily life-style …….so on. We know that you all have not enough time to spend, but I wish our youths to observe something from you all. Especially in education sectors and business sectors and cultural sectors , in order to brush up our mind. I found that this web is very interesting and I want the youths to utilize for their life through this site. If possible photos of current scenes and knowledgeable  are required to share, you individual has camera……right !

This letter is intended to the international youth day, to day, and this is just my own idea. If somebody not agree, forgive me.

eg ; how you go to work

working hours

what’s your daily scene …..rushing hours scene ….etc

singapore  orchard road ….some of the famous sites ….you can take me for site seeing with photos ….

With thanks.

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