jpg.By nice day to all reader of Myanmar Gazette Journal and all readers and on line audiences, today I am Mr.Than Lhaing Bago, and thank a lot! to being have a chance more joint with which on Myanmar Gazette Journal and the audiences and other newspapers resources or on lines internationally so on. I will write about else particular an oxygen atom chemical element atom which one of element the whole human, all the parts essential to life rely on and which fully located from insider of border the world ozone end regional and the insider main part from Universe with human no,body every part of the world did not reach flying visited to the all region parts it, un-estimate zone is,apply to the whole article readers and then which without an approximate calculation zone space fully hydrogen chemical element atom and nitrogen chemical element atom together with the related oxygen element atom on the world, it is importance very much as there is no place to living is more necessary without related oxygen is no meaning as at to all, in this section or my article pages is will be helpful to the whole part of human on the world internationally governments make growing them to pay  intention in production departments advance likely, and by wealthy of oxygen chemical element who` governments on the world or an individual commercial level which more valuable than gold element or treasury where the people on the earth and the people on the world else diet with fighting or killing cause from opposite racial, opposite manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively, different countries each to boundaries, pleasure at the expense of consideration for other or each other and under sufferer bad crisis country`leaders parts selfish and racial fighting, borders fighting,protective fighting and the last under property fighting such suffer totally are all time case bad disaster or natural catastrophe that cause great damage or loss of life therefore great making productions related oxygen chemical element are break free from confinement in construction the shelter buildings under water or ocean usefully to prevent life safety on the field so production progress due to the government each basic conforming to standard chemical raw materials and will be basic a substance capable of reacting with a acid to form several salts and similar some group of oxygen element raw materials trees which a woodland primula with yellow flowers that hang down one side of the stem, uclith trees and margarita trees which diet gaseous chemical element accumulation from absence rather than the presence of distinguishing raw materials  sometime water or negative one is useful in production one possible to invent as raw material oxygen chemical element atom or the scientists may discovery which the water is possible in the future percentage almost enough products for human on the world survival completely confident that is right.

Mr.Than Lhaing.Bago.

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" BIOGRAPHY" Name. Mg Than Lhaing and I was born in 05. June. 1964 ( ) street Monsanpya (19) Quarter Bago in Burma and my parent is the father U Khay and the mother Daw Ohon May ( die) and totally my family is 9 above me are 4 and the below are 2 who they are all recent at Bago and at the year of 1974 I got start the school till 1986 by 9 standards high school at No-1 High School Bago and I didn't go ahead the high school, I quit it and help my home work which 2 field farmerland and 1 farmland where Bago western and the wife is Miss Lay Kyi and I got marriage 1990 at Bago and we got 1 son who`name Mg Soe Lwin Myint and a dauther who`Ma May Thet Oo Maw and then in the year of 1994 she had passed away by cancer disease and in 1996 I make a detailed proposal for working abroad which Canada and recently I living at Vancouver city which the above address that 33. Avenue, 744 A Apt, Vancouver, BC and on the time where Vancouver city, while I worked at dayship Tandorra restuarent and while I went to ESL school night part time and I went ahead Vancouver School Board High school and after VSB high I attended on VSB college school where 39.1580 West Broadway street Vancouver city Bc, Canada and then I finished the school by Bachelor Of Art In English diploma since 2004 and present beside a membership of Myanmer Gazette Journal Co.Ltd and a membership of Facebook Fine Friend Association. Email: Kindly Truly yours

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