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Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 Opening Ceremony – Indianapolis Hamilton County Buzz |

Being in a foreign country to observe a special event is a rare treat. Such was the case when I found myself in Guangzhou, China to witness the opening ceremony of the Asian Games on the banks of the Pearl river on .Haixinsha Island last Friday. I write this not just for the significant Asian population of Hamilton County, but for all lovers of sport and pageantry. For love of the Olympics.

I had visited Guangzhou before, but mostly my travels did not allow me time to enjoy any cultural or significant event there as I was in transit to other parts of China. Now, my friends had arranged for me to observe the opening ceremony with them. The well planned and organized event promised to be as memorable as the Beijing Olympics, so I had very high expectations. I thought perhaps it was not possible to pull off another such spectacular event with all the color, pageantry, and grace. But then, who would dare to underestimate the ability of the Chinese to please a crowd and give it their all.

I was in awe and wonder from the moment of arrival to see not just the architectural achievements of new construction, but also the engineering of the event itself. I came to appreciate the artistry of performance, the costuming, the choreography, the color, all of those things that made me long to be one of those photographers at the Olympics. While I had only modest equipment and seating by comparison, I was both honored and delighted to be able to capture some images to share. The results from high in the stands bear witness that there was not a bad seat in the house.

As for the event itself, consider that Guangzhou was the maritime gateway to China’s silk road for centuries. It was therefore befitting that this opening ceremony take place on the water. With some 45 participating countries in attendance, not only is this the largest Asia games ever, it is also the grandest. More than 70 stadiums have been built or renovated, some 900,000 volunteers trained and placed, traffic organized and restricted to alleviate smog, and the populace carefully trained in mannerisms including facial smiles.

Nothing has been overlooked to help ensure all can enjoy.

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