Chinese New Year, 2011 – The Big Picture –

The Lunar New Year, or more accurately the lunisolar new year, began February 3 and in most countries that celebrate it ushered in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac. In China Lunar New Year is the most important date on the calendar and triggers over a month of holiday travel which is often described as the largest annual human migration in the world. Hundreds of millions tax the transport system. The new year also marks the beginning of the Spring Festival in China which continues until the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day. Lunar New Year is celebrated in many countries, with many different traditions as well. Gathered here are pictures of China’s travel wave and celebrations, as well as pictures from other countries’ Lunar New Year observations. — Lane Turner (40 photos total)

Great. Guess they had an eventful New Year 2011. Amazing pictures. They show that we’re all native humans all over the globe. Won’t believe in crucial differences anymore after having seen so many impressive documentary photos on this website. One can differ between ideologies, but not between humans. Thanks so much!

Awesome #24, the looooooooooooong table.

These pictures are hopping GOOD! They give one good insight into the lives of the Oriental people.

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2011 New Year Performance


Temple fair in Beijing

Bunnies popular on temple fair in Year of Rabbit

Tourists visit temple fair to experience traditional Chinese culture

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