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More than 60 killed in India temple stampede –

New Delhi, India (CNN) — As many as 63 people — most of them children — were killed Thursday when a stampede broke out at a temple offering free utensils and food in northern India, authorities said.

The incident occurred when the main gate of the temple in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh state came down as worshippers rushed for their share of meals and kitchen vessels, according to police.

Other officials gave conflicting numbers for the death toll, saying 61 people had been killed. Among the dead were 37 children, said I.P. Singh, a deputy police superintendent of Pratapgarh. The rest were women, he added.

The temple, also a religious retreat belonging to a local holy man, was holding a memorial service in honor of a dead woman, state police official Brij Lal told CNN.

At least 60 others were injured in the frenzy, according to Singh. Authorities are investigating the incident.

Thursday’s crush in Uttar Pradesh revived memories of a 2004 stampede in the same state that killed more than 20 women jostling to grab free saris offered at the birthday celebration of a local politician.

In India, religious events of different faiths are usually marked with ritual feasts. Large congregations often pack venues, which sometimes have limited infrastructure to hold massive crowds.

Stampede in temple mars Hindu festival revelry Video, Video clips, Featured videos: Rediff Videos

MedPie | Deadly Human Stampede in Indian Temple is Typical

….The observation that human stampedes have certain characteristics in common has been borne out by an epidemiologic study by Hseih et al; they studied 213 events of human stampede from 1980 to 2007, associated with 7069 deaths.

The highest number of fatalities were associated with stampedes in the Middle East or in developing nations, at religious events, at events that occurred outside. Human stampedes occurring at sports, music, and political events also had high rates of death.

65 killed in stampede at ritual in northern India – People’s Daily Online


“The crowds became unmanageable as the narrow gate gave way. But what followed was worse as there was a stampede, trampling upon women and children in particular,” Pratapgarh chief development officer Ashok Kumar said.

“Apparently, the organizers had not foreseen the crowds that the event would draw,” Kumar said.

Officials revealed that the district authorities were not given prior intimation about the function and not enough police personnel were present at the function site.

YouTube – More Than 100 People Killed in Stampede in India

SelectPlusMore Than 100 People Killed in Stampede in IndiaMore Than 100 People Killed in Stampede in IndiaThe Associated Press145 people were killed following a stampede at a remote mountaintop Hindu temple. The stampede started after rumors of a landslide. An estimated 25,000 were on the mountaintop at the time. (August 4)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE]

Family members weep after claiming their loved ones …. Bodies line the street — following a deadly stampede early Sunday morning in India. In the end … 145 people were killed, another 37 injured. Rumors about landslides set off the stampede at a remote Hindu temple in the Himalayas. Now — authorities have announced an investigation to determine exactly how and why this disaster happened.

But, witnesses are already placing some of the blame on police — some saying police blocked exits as pilgrims tried to exit the temple. Some pilgrims ran down the narrow path — and collided with others were were winding their way up toward the temple.

With a concrete wall on one side and a cliff on the other — there was no way for people to escape. At one point, a guardrail broke, and dozens of people fell to their deaths. Officials say many of the dead are women and children. The tragedy has not deterred many of the faithful. By Monday morning, hundreds of pilgrims had resumed their trek up the mountain to give offerings to a Hindu goddess. ___ ___,