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Discussion continues.

Friend: I wonder what the monks meant by “chient chient thare” (joyous crowd)? (see “XXI” and other postings)

Friend: Yes, what has his friend monk in mind when he lauds  U Ayethaka’s “chient chient thare” and encourages him to do even more?

Friend: Indeed, what has U Ayethaka in mind when he promises this friend monk that he will try even harder to do more “chient chient thare”?

Friend: Is it to be “chient chient thare” like in the Indian “Jagannath”  festival? See pictures above.

Youtube video with author’s footnotes and viewer comments below:

YouTube – 6 Killed in Stampede at Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival – India

During my trip to India (June 2008) to explore the monsoon season I took a side venture to the town of Puri which is the site of the annual Jagannath Rath Yatra festival.

The huge crowd was made up of about 500,000 Hindu devotees and believe it or not, this is half the number of previous years. Many people were unable to reach Puri due to washed out railway tracks as a result of the monsoon rains.

Despite the lower numbers than usual, this year’s celebration took a tragic turn when 6 people were killed during a stampede in the crowd. I was up above on a rooftop, watching the entire event unfold.


  1. robertgift

    3 days ago

    Excellent photography!

  1. No stampede seen.
  2. Appears people who fainted/heat exhaustion were carried to ambulances.
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  1. Rohit84up

    2 weeks ago

    Creepy video.

  2. rousseau5550

    3 months ago

    There are way too many people…

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  1. 100373942

    5 months ago

    wether it is makkah or any hindu temple or any other part of the world – foolish people are everywhere

  1. we are never going to learn

doobisbone 11 months ago

That was pure craziness!


Each life is precious. However, judging at the huge crowds, the death toll of 6 killed in the stampede (not on the video), could have been much higher.

Friend: Are U Ayethaka and his supporting friend monk going to do the crowd control? Will they just shove it to the trustees or the community?

Friend: Will the monks be willing to take responsibilities for any untoward incident or tragedy?

Friend: Will they “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”? Or,  is it just “R hluu pay.”