Opera Web browser အသုံးပြုသူတွေအတွက် shortcut key တွေပါ..

Yin Nyine NwayJuly 23, 20105min730


Ctrl + T :Open a new tab
Ctrl + W :Close a tab
Ctrl + Tab :Cycle between tabs

System keys
Ctrl + O :Open file
Ctrl + S :Save copy of page
Shft + P :Print preview (toggle)
Ctrl + P :Print page
Ctrl + Q :Close Opera

Up arrow :One line up
Down arrow :One line down
Left arrow :One character to the left
Righ arrow :One character to the right
Page Up :One screen up
Page Down :One screen down
Ctrl + Page Up :One screen to the left
Ctrl + Page Down :One screen to the right
Home :Go to top.
End :Go to bottom

+ or 0 :Zoom in 10%
– or 9 :Zoom out 10%
Ctrl + or 8 :Zoom in 100%
Ctrl – or 7 :Zoom out 100%
6 :Restore zoom to 100%

Shft + Up arrow :Next link up
Shft + Down arrow :Next link down
Shft + Left arrow :Next link to the left
Shft + Right arrow :Next link to the right
Enter :Activate link
Shft + Enter :Activate link in new tab

Z :Previous page in history
X :Next page in history
F5 or Ctrl + R :Reload the current page
Shft + Z :Rewind
Shft + X :Fast forward
Alt + Z :Show entire backward history
Alt + X :Show entire forward history

Ctrl + F :Find text in page
Ctrl + G :Find next instance of text
Ctrl + Shft + G :Find previous instance of text
, (comma) :Find text in links in page

F11 :Use entire screen for viewing page
Shft + F11 :Pretend to be small-screen device

Ctrl + K :Check e-mail
Ctrl + E :Write new message
Ctrl + S :Save message draft (continue later)
Ctrl + Shft + S :Send composed message
J :Go to next e-mail
U :Go to previous e-mail
H or Shft + J :Go to next unread e-mail
Y or Shft + U :Go to previous unread e-mail
Alt + Up :Scroll up in mail body (even when focus in mail list)
Alt + Down :Scroll down in mail body (even when focus in mail list)
I :Toggle view message list/message body/list and body
Right arrow :Expand current thread
Left arrow :Close current thread
Shft + Right arrow :Expand all threads
Shft + Left arrow :Close all threads
K :Mark selected e-mail as read
G :Mark selected e-mail as read, and go to next unread e-mail
T :Mark selected e-mail as read, and go to previous unread e-mail
Shft + K :Mark selected e-mail as unread
Ctrl + Shft + A :Mark all e-mail in active view as read
R :Reply to message
Shft + R :Reply to all recipients of message, including sender
F :Forward e-mail
D :Redirect e-mail