We can conquer the evil empire of Than Shwe

timothyAugust 31, 20107min520

Yes, we can. How are we going to do it successfully? We need to learn lessons from our past experiences in 1974, 1988 and 2007 struggles. Than Shwe will do dirty tricks all the way to his victory in his well set-up election. There is nothing we can do about what he is doing in Burma because he thinks he is sole owner of us all. He is selling our lands, gas, teaks, rivers and offshore natural gas at friendship prize to neighbour blood suckers, keep the embezzled hard currency in overseas banks and use this moneys to buys mass destructive arsenals, build underground tunnels and trying to get nuclear armament with the help of equally reactionary regime of North Korea. Yes, he use the terror methods to suppress all of us under fascist military rule. He named it 7-step disciplined democracy pathway to establish military authority immune to state persecution for his crimes against humanity. He silenced the NLD effectively to stand in this election unchallenged.

Yes, we do not want to be bullied by this criminals. We can get frustrated after failures of our struggles against this despotic regime. We had paid our lives, limbs, friends, brothers, sisters, parents, children, our jobs and our own survival as a punishment for not obeying the order of military generals. We might not want to hear politics out of fear of military spies` secret monitoring. We tend to forget about our fallen leaders because we need to concentrate on daily struggle to get food, cloth, and shelter. We simply can not afford to think about another anti-government struggle. We do not think useless losing of lives under machine gun shots render us any benefit. We gave up but we do not want to live under this generals.

The United Nations, Russia, China, India and ASEAN countries stated clearly that Burma problem must be solved by Burmese and ethnics in Burma and they all will respect people decision. This is not for any country to intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign country. It is very clear. Than Shwe got the message. Make no mistake, he will declare the election victory with land-slide margin. We have to prevent that happening for our survival and make the voice loud enough for the world to hear our desire and our choice of democracy.

The past oppression of demonstrations and gathering of millions supporters in the street by military police is simple and tried successfully all over the world if we look at history of repressive regimes. They try to identify the key organizers and leaders of the unrest. As the night falls, they came to the hiding places of leaders to make summary arrest, summary tortures and lengthy prison sentences out in the jungles. The crowd control is old method of crude and brutal regimes using tanks, bring-carriers and automatic machine guns to shoot continuously for about 30 minutes, shoot at any movement. They then swept every evidence under the carpets and acted as if  nothing had happened. The military degrees and martial law was followed to infuse the fear down the spines of public. You can never match the brutality of the fascist soldiers and in deed it was correct to say “waste of lives”.

Now we have to design to scare Than Shwe so that he can not bully us as he likes any more. This is the time to tell the world that we do not want military thugs as our managers. We want democracy. The only thing Than Shwe afraid of is people power. He is very afraid of loosing this election despite his cruel methods of planned election. The rumours in the town are full of Than Shwe planning to flee the country because of discontent in army; the frenzied buying of gold bars, diamonds and precious metals by wives of military leaders indicating Plan B, to flee overseas if Plan A failed. They had the plan B for their survival. Do not think that they are 100% safe in this election. Each and every one of us will form the people power to the effect of regime change in Burma. Every one of us is his/her own leader and captain. No one is leader. No one is leading us. We are on our own accord to lead ourselves TO BOYCOTT THE ELECTION. No leader. No follower. If the regime want to arrest us on election day for not giving the vote, we all in millions will go to ( not prison) concentration camps. Can you imagine mass crack down of millions all over the country on very election day? What will other reasonable minded general think when millions in concentration camp on election day? What will UN and China say when millions fault and one correct general on election day? This is what I call PEOPLE POWER . If PEOPLE VOICES of millions all over Burma is not loud enough to be heard by international leaders, what other thing we can call PEOPLE POWER?

This come out from each of our initiatives. NLD is not calling for uprising. I am not your leader. You are not my leader. Neither you nor I are follower. We all are captain of our mind, body and soul and will never bow to the oppressive power. Lets united for our country`s liberty. The country is calling for your service urgently. We all from houses, streets, districts, villages, towns, cities and all over the country join our hands to BOYCOTT THE ELECTION. WE CAN CHANGE THE REGIME. Together, We can. Yes, we can.

Please translate into Burmese . I give my permission to someone to translate into Burmese so that compatriots all over Burma can think about people power. Your comment is warmly welcome. God Save Burma. God Bless Burma.