Metal Band မိတ်ဆက် (Architect Of Misery)

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Metal အပြင်းစားလေးတွေ ကြိုက်တဲ့သူတွေ အတွက်ပါ…

Dance Of Death လို့ အမည်ရတဲ့ သီချင်းလေးပါ…


In a time where the minority of music fans are sick and tired of trendy music and fifteen minutes of fame stuffs, the trend defying Architect Of Misery was born.

The name Architect Of Misery which is derived from the inspiration of creationism and impermanence was chosen as his project name by the artist called James Ivan. Although he has played for quite alot of bands which Burmese people know as Coffin, Monopoly, Unrivalled etc. , his love towards unique and trend defying music has led him to take his own solo music carrer. Being on a solo mission of defiance towards mainstream music and materialistic music, he decided only to depend upon himself to compose, produce, arrange and play all the instruments.

His goal is to create a music which is futuristic, experimental, conceptual and serious. Not wanting to limit his inspiration and creativity, he will not put his music under any of the genre labels. His project may sometimes be paused due to his education plans.

However, he still will self produce his music as much as he can when he have time and share the music fans his music without expecting any finiancial profits or fifteen minutes of fame.

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