Suu Kyi, The national Leader of Myanmar People

smytu1996November 20, 20102min1080

As the first time beyond the people, Daw Aung San Su Kyi came to address to her loving people at NLD HQ wearing her trademark shirt adorning with the flowers on her hair. It is very wonderful clowd after 2007 monks demonstration.
She was so pleased to see many people had joined her movement.
She said,”she want change where citizens feel empowered.
She was eager to hear about technological advances around the world after she had found so many people can use mobile in her view.But she herself canot use it 7 years ago.
She wants dialog with the junta and is OK with the U.S.
She explained that “One of the reasons why we decided not to take part in the elections was precisely because we didn’t believe that there was going to be any major change.”
“The release of political prisoners certainly,” she said.
“And I don’t think actually if we get to the negotiating table, the military will say we don’t believe in the release of political prisoners. I don’t think it works like that. That’s one of my top priorities.”
She knows that for now, the junta has let her be. Not that they’ve changed their opinion of her, but maybe, they are waiting to see how things unfold.