Qatar Stadiums for Fifa 2022 World Cup

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The new Doha Port Stadium will be a completely modular stadium with 44,950 seats. The stadium, which will sit on an artificial peninsula in the Gulf, is designed to evoke its marine setting. Water from the Gulf will run over its outer facade, aiding in the cooling process and adding to its visual allure. Fans will have the option of arriving on a water taxi or ferry. After the FIFA World Cup�, the whole stadium will be disassembled and the seats sent to developing countries to further their football development.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Arab tents, Sports City Stadium will have 47,560 seats. A retractable roof, partly retractable pitch and retractable stands will make the stadium Qatar ‘s premiere multi-use facility in the decades following the 2022 FIFA World Cup�. The stadiums innovative features will make it an ideal venue for football matches, but also concerts, theatre performances and non-football related athletic events.

Umm Slal Stadium

Umm Slal Stadium, located in the vicinity of one of Qatar ‘s most historically important forts, will have 45,120 seats. The design is a modern interpretation of traditional Arab forts, like the one in nearby Umm Slal Mohammed. After the FIFA World Cup�, seating capacity will be reduced to 25,500. The stadium will be used by Umm Slal F.C.


Al-Khor is a brand new 45,330-capacity stadium with a stunning seashell motif and a flexible roof. The permanent lower tier seats 25,500 and the modular upper tier seats 19,830. The stadium offers spectators a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf from their seats and will be located in asports and recreation zone.

Al-Rayyan Stadium

The existing Al-Rayyan Stadium with a seating capacity of 21,282 will be expanded to 44,740seats using modular elements to form an upper tier. The stadium is designed with a special “media membrane” facade that acts as a screen for projecting news, updates and current matches. The stadium will be downsized to its current capacity after the tournament.

Khalifa International Stadium

Redesigned for Qatar ‘s successful hosting of the 2006 Asian Games, Khalifa InternationalStadium’s current capacity of 50,000 will be expanded to 68,030 for the 2022 FIFA World Cup�. The stadium, which includes sweeping arcs and partially covered stands, is the centerpiece of Aspire Zone, a sports complex that includes the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, ASPETARSports Medicine Hospital and many other sporting venues.


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    Now, confirm for Qatar 2022. It is sure. When they heard the news for Qatar 2022, all the Qatari from Qatar Cele berate for this new. A lot of car ( I think all the car from Qatar) they are waving the Qatar flag and Celebrate the whole night. 🙂

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