Documentary screening: Rangoon Cocoon

bsauclaMay 7, 20102min940

The Burmese Student Association at UCLA will be screening a brand-new documentary, Rangoon Cocoon, this Wednesday, May 12 at UCLA’s De Neve Auditorium. Doors open at 7:00 pm.

Directions are available here.

The second ever screening in America, this film features a side of Burma rarely seen in the American public and in news.

Press release:

Headlines claim: Burma is a land of blood and tears. A land of raised fists against raised batons. A land scarred by cyclones and drug trade.

And yet, Burma is also a land of creation, innovation, inspiration. A cocoon where a thousand metamorphoses take place and a thousand butterflies take flight – rock stars and intellectuals, journalists and bar owners, high tech monks and transsexuals, contemporary artists and daredevil entrepreneurs. Even caught in a nightmare, Burma never stops dreaming.

The documentary presented this year at UCLA is the fruit of the 15,000 pictures and 40 hours of video they brought back. More than a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Burmese people, “Rangoon Cocoon – A story of Burmese Butterflies” illustrates how the faintest flapping of wings can herald the most profound changes.