zipper johnDecember 6, 20127min1220
PHP and Python are diffirent world’s but they are most popular Web programming languages in technology. Naturally both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. PHP often seems like it’s developed simply for developing Websites, even if some individuals uses of PHP for other projects also. By standard it’s really an HTML design with value placed in. […]

zipper johnNovember 28, 20124min840
Mobile application integration technique has progressed as a part of internet technique regardless of the industry vertical. With the smart phones penetrating intensely in Indian market along with international apps industry. It is all the most important because the companies to look at a ‘mobile’ approach for not only improved reach but also continual company. […]

KyaemonAugust 4, 201218min1143
 ဆန့်ဝင်ဘို့ ဓာတ်ပုံကိုသေးအောင်လုပ်ထားတာ၊ တခါနှိပ်ပြီးထွက်လာတဲ့ပုံကိုတခါထပ်နှိပ်ပါ၊ ပုံကြီးရပါမယ်  Link လင့်ခတွေကိုလဲနှိပ်ရင်ကျန်တာတွေကိုကြည့်နိုင်တာပါ၊ အိန်ဒိယမြောက်ပိုင်းနဲ့အရှေ့ပိုင်းဒေသတွေမှာ ဓာတ်အားပြတ်တောက်သွားတာက အကြီးအကျယ်ပါဘဲ၊ လူတွေက သန်းရာနဲ့ချီပြီး လျှပ်စစ်ဓာတ်အားမရဖြစ်ခဲ့တာ၊ BBC News – In pictures: India’s power crisis deepens   July 30 – Seven of India’s states have been affected by the worst electricity blackout to hit the BBC News – Hundreds of millions without power in Indiacountry in a decade, causing […]

zipper johnJuly 8, 20125min510
Magento is built on the Zend Framework, this ensures that the basic code safe and scalable. There are many reasons for choosing the Zend Framework, but fundamentally the Zend Framework provides an object-oriented library of code and a reliable organization behind this code. Using the Zend Framework, Magento is built with 3 central principles: Flexibility: […]