zipper johnMay 7, 20137min1300
This is an article of software to ensure the software developmentprocess some time ago, showcasing some of the most important things to consider in the development and implementation of security software. I also believe that our local software development company should understand the current landscape of threats. This is a sharp incensement in advanced persistent […]

zipper johnMarch 1, 20136min1300
In the web application development there are lots of debugging tools available to enhancement of Php web application development. I will describe some usefull tools which works for PHP Web Development. Bellow is listing debugging tools: Webgrind Webgrind may be a web-based Xdebug identification frontend for PHP like kcachegrind. Webgrind provides a straightforward PHP-powered interface […]

zipper johnFebruary 15, 20134min1090
In today’s highly competitive world of business over the internet, every online business website needs latest web technology solutions with best Web Application Development to be at parity with its competitors. There is intense competition when it comes to creating an eye-catching website and making it function effectively or perform fast and easy multi-tasking. There […]

zipper johnJanuary 29, 20135min1200
With the development of internet technologies, the use of online business portals has increased manifolds. Nowadays most of the businesses are lead through the internet, which serves as an international arena. Therefore, it is appropriate for business websites to include latest web technology solutions with effective web development applications. In today’s competitive market scenario, it […]

zipper johnJanuary 22, 20135min1050
One of the biggest examples of technological progressions is the enormous revolution in programming platforms. With a variety of Application prevailing in the market for web application, PHP and Dot Net is considered as a foremost and a highly recognized web application development technology. Basically, PHP Web Development, which is a scripting language, which used […]

zipper johnJanuary 16, 20135min1210
User input cannot be trusted. Malicious user can always supply the application with unexpected data. As such ugly input data can cause undesired application actions, it is important to filter all user input and validate the intended patterns. In the context of PHP applications, typical user input are URL parameters, HTTP post data, and cookie […]

zipper johnDecember 20, 20125min910
It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that PHP has been possible and correct open source platforms the professional Item focused Developers when they phase into the globe of web based system development. The programmers who realized the fundamentals of HTML (Hyper Written text Markup Terminology – a primary Web Development language that all the internet […]