The Most Important Things To Consider In The Development And Implementation Of Software Security

zipper johnMay 7, 20137min1320

This is an article of software to ensure the software developmentprocess some time ago, showcasing some of the most important things to consider in the development and implementation of security software.

I also believe that our local software development company should understand the current landscape of threats. This is a sharp incensement in advanced persistent threats (APT) and the attacks are going on all over the world.

These molest are sophisticated and well constructed, making them very difficult to organize to protect themselves against such attacks. But the attack surface increases, especially if you do not implement any security, especially when any software organizations install the program on the Internet unsafe.

Therefore, the Indian software outsourcing company should invest in training and equipping of their software developers the knowledge and skills. Without proper training developers are required to preventable errors, such as adding applications vulnerable to SQL injection, XSS and applications with passwords hard-coded default settings, etc.

At the same time, associations need to tighten their policies when dealing with third-party software developers. Ensure that service providers understand the security policies and requirements for software development.

All third-party software developed should be rigorously tested and should never be deployed in production unless they be traditional to their bases safely. Never cut curves when it comes to outsourcing, otherwise you will pay the cost.

It is also time for the organizations to adopt some of the following secure software development principles:

  1. Build a program application security (policies, standards and procedures)

  2. The software architecture of risk / threat modeling

  3. Defense in depth (Secure and monitor all the layers, or areas where the application is available)

  4. Security software certification and accreditation, in particular third-party software developed

  5. Security Testing (Test of pen and vulnerability management)

  6. To promote an efficient project management processes, SDLC

  7. Troubleshooting and intervention (development of applications with the ability to quickly detect violations)

  8. Implementing encryption in applications that handle critical information Etc.

Finally, organizations realize the cost of construction and safety promotions in the software development life cycle is inferior in comparison to the costs or broken / hacked, and eliminate the consequences of the violation.

Overall, the organizations whose computer systems have been breached hacked or lost millions and billions of dollars of additional revenue and the effect of losing its prestige.

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