UN Secretary-General & Mr Quintana,
Every coin has two sides but for UN, you only look at one side. If UN is the organization for Human no matter their race or religion, why did you leave Maungdaw at the first place where people needed you most. You can ask any of your employee based in Maungdaw (apart from Muslims as you will hear only their side) or even Rakhine if you think you will hear only one side too about who were real victims of that violence.
If Taliban believe the propaganda from Muslims website with pictures of poor infants burnt down, it’s OK as they will believe anything that the islamic brotherhoods say but for an organization like UN & AI believing one side stories and those propagandas, it’s a shame for those organizations. When US hunted down Binladin in Pakistan, where were those organizations to say something about it? India has same problem at their border recently and the Indian Govt ordered “Shoot-on-sight” to protect their ethnic group from those terrorists but can you go and tell India it’s about human right???? If Myanmar Govt had used that “Shoot-on-sight” order when the violence happened to Maungdaw, Sittwe would have been well saved but NO… They did only warning shots and your organization as well as US and other organization even praised Myanmar Govt of handling that case, if you remember but the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has referred (according to her) independent sources saying another story of Myanmar forces abusing Rohingya. What are be supposed to believe from UN?? And whom do you really present??

If UN is for Myanmar Citizens too, we want to hear the fair report instead of pressuring Govt or Myanmar National to accept those so called Rohingyas.

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