Products can be assigning to a category when that is creating or may later be added in the categories. If you do it then basically selecting the desired category and navigate to the Category Products tab (top of the category page).

You will see that in leftmost column in the grid is a dropdown menu located. The default selection will be yes that means that the grid only shows items that have been associated to this category.

When creating a new category of products with the grid will always be empty. Before you get start to finding for existing products, you will have to associate with this new category. Select No so that the products displayed are not associated to this category or select any, and all associated which products are displayed in the dropdown menu and click the Search button.

These are all done by magento developer or magento platforms you can optimize your search by filtering on ID, NAME, SKU, Price, or positioning. (These filters work only if the products are associated with the category)

Select the checkboxes for all the products which one you want to connect with this category, deselect all checkboxes of products that you no longer want to associate with this category. When a product is selected, the Position field is active, here you can specify the sort about which order the products should appear in the Front End.

When your assigning categories process has been completed after that you have need to assign design on your selective categories level. Below is being given a way how we assign designing process on behalf of categories level.

The assign process of designs on category level

You can design each category in the Custom Design tab. This determination gives look of the category page, including objects on the page and the structure of the page.

1. Select the design from the Custom Design drop. Magento comes with several different designs, but you can add your own design. If you drop this blank, you will automatically be used the Current package name. This can be edited by navigating to System> Configuration and click the Design tab. Enter the name of the design you want in the current package field, and this model will apply to all categories for which you do not have the design set.

2. Select your preference from the Apply To dropdown. This category only means only that the design will only apply to this category page. This category and the products it means that the design will apply to that category page and on the pages of all products belonging to this category are associated.

If a product is associated with multiple categories, each with a different design, the design of the product displayed page, where the user was today. This category and its sub-categories means that the design will apply to this category page and on the pages of all subcategories etc..

3. With the Active From and Active To fields, you can specify a timeframe in which the category will automatically switch to a design, and then back to a blank option when the term ends. This is ideal for the holidays, so during your holiday a holiday design for your pages can be displayed and that your site automatically switches back to the normal design whenever you want, without forgetting to do.

4. The Page Layout drop-down determines the structural aspects of the page. No layout updates uses the default settings in the Magento installation.

5. The Customs Layout Update is essentially a static block, with a few differences.

  1. Instead of HTML, the structure in XML format to be introduced.

  2. The update appears at the bottom of the page, within the product, which has a static block appears above the products (and the static block is set to display the products)

  3. The update will be displayed on the page only during the dates specified in the active period.

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