As a Android Apps Developer we deal with latest android application updates and technlogy. Currentaly mobile application development is on top of the mountain. Lots of mobile applications, widgets, technologies are released on DBU (Daily Basis Updtate).
Latest released Android 4.2 has got the velocity and simplicity of Jelly Bean on a different level – a completely new comprehensive camera experience that’s beyond smart Phones usability. Also will find there a new form of touch typing that helps you power through your messages and G Talk, Skype chat, and much more. New and interesting lock screen widgets brings to you an useful tool over control and security risk. For the music the include sound search function allows to users get list of songs quickly and accurately for same. But some specific apps widgets have real value for Twitter, Facebook, and other apps for most people.
Lockscreen allows to add widgets which you want to show latest texts, emails or reminders and other information. The swipe out function provide you great feeling to lock out the screen. Although camera give a dynamic influence to seize up the Photo experience with convenient your preferences. If you want to display lot of Photos in the frame, you can have it display those like an interactive picture frame, After all if you want to settling down for the night, you can turn it into a nice dark bedside clock. More options will surely be available in play Store.

And one of another points can be utilize in one device. Android Application Developer has developed function, whrere users can swich accounts in Android Devices. Android 4.2 allows multiple user accounts on your device, just like on your computer. Most of all like your kid will never stay away from his compatible android game.
Android 4.2 for Tablets
In the tablet demeanor observation Android 4.2 have the best multi exploit option for the subscriber. Android Jelly Bean is fully customized for the venture oriented or single user observation. The integrated functionality by our Exper Android Apps Developer endow multiple widget supports. You can create  varied accounts for each individual. Even veried account users can have their own homescreen, background, widgets, apps and games – even individual high scores and levels. Because Android 4.2 is built with multitasking at its core, it’s a snap to switch between users – no need to log in and out.
It’s notification updates is very ingenious just swat down over the top of the devices to see the all your notifaction. Jelly Bean makes your Android device even more responsive by boosting your phones, tablets or PC’s CPU instantly when you touch the screen.
When you are looking Android Development Company to build a android application, I like to have an idea to develop the latest Android Apps. Our Android Developer give the compatible android apps and UI observation what they expect.

Android Apps Development

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