PHP is the top of the powerful-but-easy-to-use scripting languages. At least as far as reputation was involved. It was set up on most UNIX®- and Linux®-based web server. And if you are a PHP Developer, it simple to get a website web wide range assistance that would let you use it. If you recommended to make a website using dynamically designed material, but you weren’t sure that you required to go so far as to use an program web wide range web host hosting server like J2EE, you would very likely use PHP. It was quick, simple to understand, genuine, and you didn’t have to understand Perl.

Zend Framework is a new open source effort aimed at producing a high-quality framework for developing modern, robust, secure web applications and web services in PHP 5.

Zend Framework components include:

Zend_Controller module provides the overall control for the application. It translates requests into specific actions and makes sure they get executed. Zend_Db- This is based on PHP Data Objects , Zend_Feed- it easy to consume RSS and Atom feeds.

Zend_Filter provides string-filtering functions, Zend_Mail – This enables you to send text and multipart MIME email, Zend_HttpClient enables you perform HTTP requests easily. Zend_Log is for general-purpose logging functionality. Zend_Pdf enables you to create new PDF documents, and load and edit existing PDF documents. Except this modules there are lot of functionality which enables the best customization in framework.

Reasons to Use Zend Framework

  • Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces. This makes most, if not all, of ZF’s components extendable to some point.
  • In Zend Framework, everything is an object. This poses its own disadvantages, such as making things more complicated to code. Its main advantage, though, is the ability to make code reusable, and since nobody likes to repeat themselves, this is a very good thing.
  • By design, Zend Framework is simply a collection of classes. Normally, you’ll use Zend MVC components to create a fully-functional ZF project, but in any other case, you can just load the components you need. ZF is much decoupled, which means we can take advantage of the components as individual libraries, instead of the framework as a whole.ZF, by default, is a glue framework. Its decoupled nature makes it easy to use as “glue” to your already existing application.
  • Zend Framework’s decoupled nature makes it very easy to integrate other libraries that you want to use.
  • Free and open source framework
  • Extreme Simplicity
  • High productivity
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Supported by more than 300 contributor, include IBM and other major companies
  • It also aims to make your programming life easier, not just in general by instituting the MVC pattern, but also for specific things you tend to do all the time, like access databases or output to a PDF file.

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