President Barack Obama will celebrate his 49th birthday without his family. First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha, 9, are in Spain. Daughter Malia, 12, is at summer camp.

အဲဒီလူၾကီး အသက္ ၄၉ႏွစ္ျပည့္ပါသတဲ့..။
ေမြးေန႔မွာ ႏိုင္ငံေရးအတြက္ မဲဆြယ္ေနရတာနဲ့ မိသားစုနဲ့ အခ်ိန္မေပးႏိုင္ျဖစ္ေနပံုရပါတယ္။
သူ႔မိသားစုကလည္း စပိန္လည္လည္သြားေနပါတယ္။ ဘာျဖစ္လို႔လဲေတာ့မသိ..။

အဲ..၀ါသနာပါရင္ ေမြးေန႔ကဒ္ လက္မွတ္၀င္ထိုးပို ့ႏိုင္ေၾကာင္းပါ…တဲ့။ လက္မွတ္ထိုးျပီးရင္ ရံပံုေငြေကာက္မဲ့ေနရာေရာက္မွာမို ့..ေငြမထည့္ပဲ လစ္လာလဲျဖစ္တာပါပဲ။
ေအာက္က သူတို႔ပို ့တဲ့စာပါ..။ မူရင္းအတုိင္းပဲ..။

စကားမစပ္..ဟိုလူၾကီးက အသက္ဘယ္ႏွႏွစ္ကို ဘယ္ေန႔မွာ ျပည့္မွာပါလိမ့္..။
တိုင္းျပည္ေခါင္းေဆာင္ေနပါတယ္ဆိုသူကို ေမြးေန႔ေတာင္ တိတိက်က်မသိရတာ..တယ္မဟန္တာပဲေနာ…။

Friend —

Today’s the President’s 49th birthday, and I just heard how many of you have signed his birthday card so far: 1,266,611 as of this morning.

It’s already an amazing show of support. But before the card is delivered with all of your signatures, I want to make sure you have one more chance to add your name — I just added mine.

Will you sign it with me, if you haven’t already?


David Plouffe

—————–Original Message—————–
From: Michelle Obama
Subject: Will you sign Barack’s birthday card with me?

Friend —

Every year, our family tries to come up with a fun way to wish Barack a happy birthday.

And this August 4th, when he turns 49, I have something new in mind.

This has been a big — and hectic — year for him. After signing the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform into law — and completing his first year as president — I think it’s safe to say we will remember it for a long time.

And I know full well how much he credits this movement, and the work of supporters like you, for the change that we’ve accomplished.

So I’m putting together a birthday card that I would like you to sign. Together with other Organizing for America supporters — and me, Malia, Sasha, and Bo — we’ll wish him a happy birthday and let him know that we’re ready to take on the year ahead alongside him.

Will you wish Barack a happy birthday with me?

This year also brought a lot of surprises — some good and some bad.

Supporters like you have helped him make the best of it — by contacting Congress to help push stalled legislation forward, by re-engaging supporters in the political process, by giving back with service projects across the country, and so much more.

And while we can’t know what the coming year will bring, all of us, working together, will continue pushing forward for change.

Will you help make this a memorable birthday for Barack and wish him a happy 49th?

Thanks so much,

Michelle Obama


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